Silver Thursday Movie (2019)

Sometimes, among the variety of thrillers, action films and military dramas, in Hollywood they decide to make a film on a financial theme. Usually, such films are based on real events that have influenced the lives of many people.

For example, the film “The Game for the Fall”, which Oscar received for the best adapted scenario, tells about the 2008 world economic crisis. In this article we will tell you about the film, which will tell about another significant event on the financial exchange.

Release date and plot of the film

About the film itself so far little information, but it is known that the premiere will be held on January 1, 2019. The official synopsis says that the main character will be a man who lost his wife. Because of this, he falls into a long depression, but still finds the strength to continue to live and fight.

The name “Silver Thursday” itself is literally translated as “Silver Thursday,” however, it may sound different in the Russian localization. Indeed, very often, in order to attract the attention of the Russian audience, the name is significantly changed.

Also, the title of the new film in 2019 can be understood that it is associated with a real event that occurred on the commodity exchange. It is called the same as the movie - "Silver Thursday." In 1980, to be more exact, on March 27 (that day it fell on Thursday), something happened that no one expected: the Khanty brothers decided to establish a monopoly on the silver market.

If they had succeeded in this, then they would be able to independently regulate the price per gram of silver up to a cosmic scale, because they would be left without competitors who could somehow prevent them from doing so.

Silver Thursday on the US stock market

film silver thursday 2019

The Khanty brothers went to the goal in small steps, for example, up to 1979 a gram of silver on the official market cost only 20 cents, and in 1980 its price rose to a record 1.6 dollars. That is, the increase in price was estimated at 713% - this is simply an incredible jump that could not pass without the attention of brokers on Wall Street.

Such a rise in price was due to the fact that the Hunt brothers owned a third of all world silver reserves, their fortune was estimated at several billion, so they began to speculate in the American market in order to further increase their earnings.

For this, a mountain of criticism fell on them, for example, in the newspaper The New York Times an article was published by an employee of a large American jewelry company Tiffany & Company, which condemned the actions of the Khanty. It was said that brothers and so have estates are considered in billions, but they still continue to raise the price of silver, which is unacceptable in a fair market economy.

silver thursday plot

Despite this, Nelson and William Khanty continued their course of monopolizing the silver market, which is why March 27 saw a sharp decline in this metal in price. So, silver has fallen in value by more than 50%, which is why businessmen are on the verge of ruin and their losses are approximately $ 1.7 billion - an incredible amount even for them.

Moreover, such a ruin would affect not only the Khanty family, but would also put many Wall Street companies at risk up to the risk of an economic crisis. Of course, this could not be allowed, because the US bank allocated a billion dollars to the Hunt brothers so that they would cover their losses and be able to stay afloat.

However, after that day they ceased to be economically successful, and their silver business gradually declined.So, throughout the 1980s, their capital from $ 5 billion turned into just one billion.

silver thursday 2019 release date

At this, their problems did not end - they were suing the company for frauds with silver and were obliged to pay considerable compensation to the company, which suffered from their speculations on the stock exchange. This was the last reason they officially declared bankruptcy.

It is not strange that this story has become an ideal basis for the future movie, because this is a significant event (albeit not the most pleasant) in the history of the American stock exchange.

The crew of "Silver Thursday"

The director and screenwriter of the future film will be Daniel Bollag, who previously shot the thriller Identity, this is his most famous work.

silver thursday actors

It tells about two twins, who especially never got along. Having matured, they never began to communicate, on the contrary, their life paths were completely diverged. However, once, they had to meet again - and not for the most pleasant reason. It turned out they were both in love with the same girl, and, of course, they were not going to give in.

After that, Daniel Bollag released a few more films, but they never became popular, because they do not even have Russian localization.

The film is produced by Tracy Siciliano, who previously worked on the films Group Therapy: OCD, Blood Brothers, and Daniel Bollag.

Starring: Artie Pasquale (“The Soprano Clan”, “The Pasman Devil”, “Joshua Tree”), Anthony J. Gallo (“Men in Black 3”, “Law and Order. Special Corps”, “Black List”) Anthony Ferro (“The Tipping Point”, “The American Brawler”, “The Hair”).

The film “Silver Thursday” is a future film about financial collapse and a story about how fragile you are, even if there are billions of dollars in the accounts, because one fine Thursday you can lose a fortune.

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