Skoda Rapid 2018

At the annual Geneva Motor Show in early spring of 2017, a restyled 2018 Skoda Rapid 2018 in the body versions liftback and spaceback was presented. The popularity of the model among Russian car enthusiasts almost did not change outwardly, but received several significant new products in the interior.

New Skoda Rapid Exterior

The main change in the design of the Skoda has become the new headlights. They have built-in LED strip daytime running lights. As an additional option, a light sensor is now available that automatically adjusts the optics depending on the lighting and cars moving in the head and tail directions. The front bumper, in which fog lights are now built in, and the grille have changed their shape, LED lights have appeared behind them. Optionally available front parking sensors.

In various trim levels, wheel disks are offered, the variants of which have become 6 positions larger, with a radius from 15 to 17 inches.

Skoda Rapid 2018

The overall dimensions have also changed: the wheelbase is extended, the length of the 2018 Skoda Rapid 2018 is 4.483 m, the width and height is 1.706 m and 1.461 m, respectively.The ground clearance will increase for models of the Russian market to 150 mm. The volume of the trunk at the liftback is 550 liters, and with the backs of the rear row of seats lowered, it is 1,490 liters.

Car lovers of bright colors will appreciate the expanded range of colors, such as Savannah Gelb (rich yellow) or Copper Orange (copper orange).

Skoda Rapid 2018

New Salon

Inside the car began to look even stricter and more solid. The interior added chrome elements, there were decorative inserts on the doors, double flashing armrests, changed the appearance and information content of the dashboard and climate control unit. Smartlinc system became available, which makes synchronization with a smartphone possible.

For passengers sitting in the back there are two USB inputs. ERA-GLONASS - the system of response and warning in case of accidents is present in all variants of complete sets, and various interior lighting can be selected additionally.

Salon Skoda Rapid 2018

Skoda Rapid 2018 baggage compartment

Specifications Skoda Rapid 2018

A new turbocharged 3-cylinder 1.0 TSI unit has been added to the engine range, with excellent fuel economy - about 4.5 l / 100 km. This engine is supplied in two versions 95 and 110 liters. with. that accelerate the new Rapid to a hundred in 11 and 9.8 seconds, respectively.However, it will be necessary to go to Europe with this engine to Europe - no supplies are planned to Russia. Also, two turbodiesel engines with volumes of 1.4 liters and 1.6 liters (capacity 90 and 116 hp, respectively) will not arrive in Russia.

Skoda Rapid 2018

For Russian motorists a set of engines will remain the same. All models are front-wheel drive and prefer gasoline with an octane rating starting from 95. There are three transmissions to choose from: a mechanical 5-pounder, a 6-range automatic and a 7-speed robotized one. All engines show decent efficiency - less than 8 liters in the city and up to 5 on the highway. At the same time, the dynamics up to 100 km - within 12 seconds, the more powerful the engine, the faster the acceleration - in the turbo 1.4-liter version you can reach the mark in 9 seconds.

The format of the suspension is typical for class B and C cars. In front of the MacPherson strut, semi-dependent torsion beams are used for the rear wheels. Front brakes - ventilated disc, rear - standard drum, optional - disc.

Skoda Rapid 2018


The updated model is presented in the following configurations: basic Entry, Active, Ambition and the richest Style.

In the base, the car will be equipped with a standard gearbox with five gears and in addition:

  • height adjustable driver's seat;
  • front windows;
  • adjustable steering wheel;
  • central lock;
  • anti-lock brakes;
  • driver airbag;
  • stabilization system;
  • folding rear seats.

Skoda Rapid 2018Skoda Rapid 2018

Starting with the Active package bundle, the MFA on-board computer, the third headrest for the average passenger in the back, heated windshield and a miniature rear-view camera mounted above the license plate are added to the list of equipment. More detailed descriptions of complete sets can be found on the official website of the Skoda.

For an additional fee, you can purchase a wide range of options, such as the passenger airbag, an audio system with MP3, heated mirrors, air conditioning and more.

Among other optional Rapid chips there are parking sensors, both front and rear, fog lamps with corner lighting when turning, an auxiliary system for starting uphill, keyless access.

Skoda Rapid 2018

Sales in Russia

The management of the company announced the launch of receiving pre-orders for the new Skoda Rapid 2018 in April 2017. Production starts in May, and by the end of the month or beginning of June, deliveries of cars to salons will begin.


The price for a basic complete set of Entry starts from 599 thousand rubles. The richest filling Style - from 817 thousand. A number of settings are optionally included for a fee. The exact list of complete sets and prices for them will become known closer to the appearance of the 2018 Skoda Rapid in salons.

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