Stair railing

Railing stairs are necessary to create a safe environment and ease of movement on it. The railing is the limiting barrier to the fall of a person, and the handrail is required for support during descent or ascent. In accordance with regulatory safety requirements, railings are installed on staircases, which have three steps and more. Railing play one of the most important roles in the whole appearance of the flight of stairs. If any small flaws in the stairs can be hidden under a carpet-like covering, the railings are always visible. For this reason, when constructing a staircase, railings are given no less attention than the staircase itself.

Railings can be made of wood, metal and concrete, both in solid form, and in combination with other building materials (plastic, glass, etc.). For example, railings made of metal may have a handrail made of wood, and filling elements between the railings are made of glass or plastic.You can combine in different ways, and here everything depends only on the homeowner's imagination, and, of course, financial opportunities. As for the railings made of metal, they are used for a long time, and we used to see them, in any high-rise building, but they are not particularly aesthetically pleasing unless they perform their functional duties from a practical point of view. But if you have a creative approach to this business, then such a metal property as manufacturability in combination with the performer's professionalism will result in a completely different product, not to mention the technology of bending and forging. And it is not at all necessary to put the railing racks in a vertical position - they will look very good when mounted at a certain angle. Even more aesthetics of the railing can be achieved by filling the gaps between the uprights with elements of bending and forging.

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