Stove heating a private house. In modern times, there are sometimes unusual situations when ancient technologies compete with innovative ones. This statement applies to the sphere of heating - today, stove heating of a private house can compete in efficiency with the latest heating systems. In addition, it is one of the easiest and most economical ways to warm your own house in the cold. Immediately, we note that the installation of furnace heating of a private house is possible only if the house, due to its design features, allows it to be used effectively. Sometimes it happens that stove heating is the only way to heat your home.

Stove heating a private house

If there is no gas line near your house, then in this case furnace heating will suit you. Chop or buy firewood, kindle a stove and enjoy comfort and warmth, what could be better?

What to look for before choosing a stove heater

We note the advantages and disadvantages that characterize the stove heating of a private house.Perhaps it is thanks to this list you can understand whether this system is suitable for you. So, among the advantages of stove heating is to highlight a few:

  • The stove is laid out for a relatively short time and the organization of such heating will not require a huge investment from you.
  • The stove can easily be combined with a fireplace, so you will get not only equipment for heating, but also a beautiful element of the interior.
  • Furnace heating of a private house will provide you a pleasant atmosphere, if you use wood fuel.
  • And if you stoke wood, it will be affordable and environmentally friendly.

Very often stoves are also used for cooking.

Now a little about the shortcomings of the system:

  • It will take a lot of space for the stove: after all, the more the stove itself, the more heat it will have and the longer it will last.
  • Preheating the stove is a rather long process, and it takes a long time until the stove begins to give off enough heat.
  • A chimney is necessary, but at the same time, it is also a place of great heat loss.
  • And if you compare stove heating with other systems, then to give efficiency will be very low.

An important point that is worth considering: for heating a private house will need approximately 550 kcal. This means that in order to effectively heat a room of 35 square meters, 1 square meter of stove is required. In addition, when arranging a stove for home heating, you also need to take into account both heat loss and the total area of ​​your home.

Features of the stove design

Before you start to equip the heating stove, you should develop a project. During the drafting of the project is determined by the exact place for the stove, as close as possible to the center. The back wall will heat the house, and the front part of the stove should be turned into the kitchen. After all, with the help of a stove, you can not only heat the house, but also prepare food. Usually, stove heating at home involves laying a brick stove on a special type of mortar with clay.


The design of the heating stove

The structure of the furnace includes the following elements:

  • firebox;
  • boilers;
  • ash collector;
  • chimney pipe.

The source of heat is the flame of the lower part and the smoke entering the pipe through the boilers. Note that in conventional stoves, the main solid fuel is firewood. And if you have a very large room, then with wood you can simply ignite the stove, and you can already heat the house with coal, since it is coal that gives you powerful heat.

Oven with coolant

Furnace heating of a wooden house in this case implies the presence of such a heat carrier as water. In essence, this is a combination of furnace heating and water. Only efficiency - increased, and the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room, which allows the use of fuel even more efficiently.


Heating system with stove and gas boiler

The scheme with a water circuit has all the advantages that provides both stove and water heating. The water system is built into the stove - and therefore the heat in the room is distributed evenly. In addition, an important point is that, thanks to the built-in water heating, you can heat several rooms at the same time. Thus, in this case, the furnace heating of low-rise buildings is a kind of solid fuel-fired boiler. The only difference is that together with the heating of the heat carrier in the oven, the smoke channels and walls will heat up. Heat will be transferred not only from the stove to the radiators, but also from the heated surface directly to the room. Note that furnace heating projects are made only for those houses that have no more than two floors.


Modernized heating system with stove

Kiln heating system with water circuit

So, the stove heating of a two-story house, which is also equipped with water heating, can be organized in two versions:

  • Laying the stove from scratch based on the size of the selected heat exchanger.
  • Mounting the register in the stove, already existing.

If you choose the second method, then a register is made that fits the dimensions of the firebox. But with any decision, one rule must be observed: the internal size of the water jacket should not be less than 4 centimeters, since during natural circulation the heat carrier may boil. If the system will operate the pump, then the thickness of the water jacket can be made smaller.

When water heating furnace used heat exchanger wall thickness from 3 to 5 mm. If the values ​​are smaller, then the register may burn, so this may cause its frequent replacement.

In addition, the thickness of the walls is also affected by the type of fuel - for example, with wood, it may be less, and if you have furnace heating in the country with coal, then more.

We also note that in order for the heating of the room to be effective and the thermal expansion compensated, the gap between the heat exchanger and the wall of the firebox should be left about 0.5-1.5 cm.Thus, if you do not have a gas pipeline nearby, stove heating will save you. It is an economical and efficient way to warm your home in cold times.

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