Tachographs abolished 2018

Tachographs were canceled until 2018, and in this regard, many drivers should start to rejoice. However, while this is just a rumor. That is why the joy is not yet justified. Recall that earlier the delay in installing a “black box” of a motorist applied to all commercial vehicle drivers (TS) for commercial use until the beginning of 2017 inclusive. It turns out that there is still a whole year of free actions left in stock?

Tachographs canceled until 2018?

Not so simple. Perhaps due to the fact that drivers do not want or do not have such an opportunity, perhaps, due to something else on the Internet, there are rumors that allegedly officials agreed to postpone the earlier date to another year ahead. So that motorists are able to properly prepare for the new rules. It seems that way.

Officially, so far, as of the end of 2016, when nothing was left until the new rules of the law came into force, no one declared the cancellation of tachographs until 2018.

And then, the year 2017 was the same story.In the sense that no one officially announced the postponement of the previously adopted law. July 1, 2016, a new edition of the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation gained momentum. Actually, it is up to now all and guided. According to the statement of the new procedure for equipping vehicles with tachographs, the devices must be digital, which completely excludes the possibility of their “winding up” with the aim of changing the recorded information.

The new rules, which entered into force in the summer of 2016, were extended to freight forwarders plying exclusively within the territory of the Russian Federation.


Old and new tachographs for commercial vehicles

The law on the cancellation of tachographs until 2018 did not go out yet. As has been said above in the text, this information is a consequence of the dissemination of unconfirmed information, based primarily on rumors, sometimes obtained as a result of the wishful thinking. Therefore, it is mandatory to be guided by the information officially confirmed by the body directly responsible for their distribution.

Today among motorists,freely moving around the territory of Russia on commercial vehicles, only a certain number of them can be found who wished to acquire tachographs that meet the new requirements for the installation of these. The digital version of the device is still gaining popularity in the Russian Federation. Most of the drivers now use old models - analog ones, which are also called washers. The latter, by the way, can be easily “tweaked for themselves”, in the sense that, if desired, the information recorded by the device can be changed. Therefore, in fact, many people are not in a hurry to adapt to the new order.

Tachograph and its meaning

In general, a tachograph is a metering device, if, of course, its description applies to it itself. This is a “black box”, which, as is known, is installed on board an aircraft, it is also a recorder, only for ground transportation, in particular for automobiles. With the help of a tachograph in automatic mode, data about the speed, mileage and time of movement of the vehicle are recorded. In the future, using the information received, specially trained peopleinvolved in solving their specific task of determining the cause and effect of the accident, draw their own conclusions, which in fact prove to be an eloquent indicator of the incident that occurred.

Note that the practice of installing tachographs began to take root in Russia only in the 90s. Whereas in Europe at that time, they took advantage of all the advantages of these devices for about 20 years. It should also be said that before that there were only analogue versions of the “black boxes” of motorists, and only at the beginning of the new millennium did the first digital samples begin to appear, as a consequence of the advent of digital technologies.

Large loads on the installation of a tachograph

Digital tachographs, in addition to the fact that they do not allow changing the previously recorded information, also have such advantages over analogue ones as the speed of data processing and the increased memory capacity. In a word, the degree of their reliability is noticeably higher than washers.

Recommendations of the Ministry of Transport

Let's go back to today. The law, which would say that tachographs - their digital samples - were canceled until 2018, had not yet entered into force for the simple reason of their non-existence.Perhaps, on the sidelines of the Ministry of Transport, officials are engaged in its development, but so far they are not in a hurry to share this work with the public.

The order to cancel tachographs until 2018 is rumored to be formed. In the near future, it will be known how things are with this issue, if only because it is near January 1, 2017. It was on that date, it seems, that the introduction of new rules was postponed, according to which drivers of commercial vehicles must necessarily equip their cars with digital samples of “flight recorders” of motorists.

Recall that previously ignoring the requirements of the Ministry of Transport concerning directly cargo without tachographs could have resulted in the imposition of fines in the amount of 1 to 10 thousand rubles, depending on the degree of violation. Monitoring compliance with these requirements was previously assigned to traffic police officers - traffic police inspectors, as well as officials employed at Rostransnadzor. Apparently, these people will continue to monitor compliance with current regulations by drivers traveling through the territory of the Russian Federation.


As a result, it must be said that delaying the installation of tachographs until 2018 in Russia is still possible, if permission for such an opportunity is available to drivers of a commercial vehicle. While he does not have it, it is recommended to observe the previously established rules. Otherwise, ignoring the prescribed references may have negative consequences for the owner of the vehicle and the person for whom he works.

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