The Afghan is valor and courage!

The local war in Afghanistan was not bypassedand the Soviet state. More than 500 thousand soldiers took part in the armed conflict. About 14 thousand soldiers were killed in fierce battles, 35 thousand soldiers were seriously injured or disabled. 300 people are missing.

The price of the Afghan war

Afghan is a person who participated in activecombat operations on the territory of Afghanistan. However, to this day it has not been established whether the war in the territory of the state was expedient for the Soviet army. The armed conflict was imprinted on many Soviet families, and the manifestations of the war are still marked today. The events of those distant days are remembered by every Afghan. This is a serious mental disorder, which has received the medical name "Afghan syndrome".

The Afghan is

The price of the Afghan war is too high for the USSR. If we study informal sources of information, then during the 10 years of conflict in Afghanistan, 3 million Soviet soldiers served. Of which more than 180 thousand people were seriously injured, more than 50 thousand were killed, hundreds of thousands of soldiers were infected with incurable diseases - hepatitis, typhoid fever and others.

The policy of the USSR in Afghanistan

The main thing that should be remembered is that Soviet troops do notThey occupied Afghanistan, but entered the territory of the state at the invitation of the authorities. The decision to participate in the armed conflict was difficult and time-consuming. However, the deteriorating geopolitical situation on the Middle East front played a key role. On December 12, 1979, the Soviet government decided to bring troops into Afghanistan.

Armed conflict was created artificially,and it is here that a clear trace of the intervention of the United States of America is traced, although this fact has not been confirmed to this day, despite the presence of indirect evidence. For example, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a well-known American political scientist, said in his interview: "American power did not push the USSR to enter the militant path in Afghanistan, but all conditions were created to make this happen."

The point is that Afghanistan is athe central geopolitical link, for "trusteeship" over which there are insurmountable disputes and confrontations. Constant insurgency rebellions, which took place in close proximity to the Soviet borders, could not be left unanswered. The loss of Afghanistan for the USSR could become a determinant of the loss of the former global influence.

These reasons have become the basis forthe entry of Soviet troops as peacekeepers into Afghanistan. No Afghan can forget about it. It was an unnecessary war, unleashed by external forces.

Benefits for Afghans

State support for Afghans

For rehabilitation there are numerousBenefits for Afghans and other internationalist soldiers who operate on the territory of Russia. The full range of benefits is listed in the Federal Law "On Veterans", which entered into force on January 12, 1995.

Warriors of Afghans

  1. Monthly payments. The amount of the benefit is a little more than 2 thousand rubles. This amount includes the social support that each Afghan receives. This allows you to receive benefits for the purchase of vouchers in the sanatorium, transportation.
  2. Warriors Afghans receive a 50 percent discount on the repair of living quarters. To become a holder of a privilege, it is necessary to provide a certificate of a veteran of the fighting to the management company.
  3. In addition, veterans receive preferential taxation. In each region, the figures vary, depending on tax rates.

Monument to the Afghans

Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten

Memory of the fallen fighters in Afghanistan allowssave memorial plaques. Almost every city has a monument to the Afghans. In Volgograd, a monument is erected, where three soldiers are depicted holding a bell in his hand. And in Yekaterinburg a monument "Black Tulip" was erected. The sculpture is represented by an Afghan soldier, who tilted his head in sorrow over fallen comrades and holds an automaton in his hands. Stone steles recreate the petals of the tulip, which formed the basis of the name. Annually in such memorable places on the territory of Russia there are rallies dedicated to the memory of soldiers who participated in the bloody war in Afghanistan.

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