The drug "Bifiform Baby" - an assistant from the first days of life

The child during his birth is absolutelysterile. Including such is his intestine. The first few months of the baby's life in his gastrointestinal tract are being colonized by bacteria. Of course, there are useful and pathogenic species that compete with each other there. To help the body to create a favorable microflora, a biologically active supplement called "Bifiform Baby" helps.

This preparation contains probiotics orMicroorganisms, positively affecting the atmosphere of the intestine. They greatly help to digest incoming food. But this is very important for babies, because they are constantly worried about problems with the tummy. Among them, and swelling, and pain. All this is the first sign of dysbiosis. So, just in the body there are not so many bacteria that help digest food.

Scientists have found out in practice that probiotics, andmeans and the drug "Bifiform Baby", help to adapt quickly to a new environment - life outside of mom. Accordingly, both neuropsychic and physical development will occur faster.

The composition of the drug "Beefiform Baby"

The drug is a dietary supplement thatdesigned specifically for children. He has the opportunity to favorably influence the microflora that reigns in the intestines of the baby. The composition of this product includes 2 types of bacteria and additional ingredients that create an excellent environment for reproduction and the life of useful microorganisms.

They release the medicine "Bifiform" in the form of drops. They can easily be given to a child by dripping into the mouth. The preparation is prepared on the basis of oil. In water, bacteria simply die and become useless.

What kind of bacteria are these that are included in the Bifiform preparation for children?

  1. Bifidobacteria. They secrete useful lactic acid, thereby creating a favorable microflora. In such an atmosphere, pathogenic microbes already multiply and live have no possibility.
  2. Thermophilic streptococci. They are used to make yogurt. In turn, in babies in the intestines, these bacteria are able to restore a good microflora. They also prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms in the intestine.

Indications for use of the Beefiform Baby

Undoubtedly, in the first days of a baby's life allMedicinal appointments should be made by a doctor. Probiotic complex "Bifiform" is recommended for children who risk getting an imbalance of pathogenic and useful intestinal microflora. This can happen because of the nature of the course of pregnancy and / or childbirth. Assign the drug to all babies who have suffered a cold or were treated with antibiotics.

The use of medication helps to avoid dysbacteriosis. So, it goes away and such symptoms as bloating and stomach upset.

There is only one contraindication to the use of the drug "Bifiform Baby". This is an intolerance to one of the components of this dietary supplement.


The medicine is prescribed to be consumed inside duringfood. On the day of the baby one dose is given. Do not take more than 10 days. It is very easy to prepare the Beefiform Baby solution. To begin with, you need to turn the lid of the bottle, with some effort. Thus, the powder from the lid falls into the oil base. Every day (before using the drug), the bottle with the medicine should be shaken.

Bury the medicine in the mouth baby can be using a special metering pipette. Therefore, it is easy to understand how much of the suspension should be given to a child.

Despite the fact that the drug "Bifiform" is notmedicine, he was recognized. After all, with its help you can effectively cope with the dysbacteriosis peculiar to babies under 1 year. Moreover, this remedy is the safest for young children.

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The drug Bifiform Baby - an assistant from the first days of life The drug Bifiform Baby - an assistant from the first days of life The drug Bifiform Baby - an assistant from the first days of life The drug Bifiform Baby - an assistant from the first days of life The drug Bifiform Baby - an assistant from the first days of life The drug Bifiform Baby - an assistant from the first days of life