The minimum scores of the exam 2019 in all subjects

Schools are already preparing for the coming exam in 2019, and future graduates and parents are concerned about how all the subjects of the Unified State Exam are assessed, what minimum and passing scores are set this year, and what results can be considered satisfactory or good on exams .

Information on how the assessment of the examination works, as well as the actual tables of transfer of points for certain subjects, will help you navigate the difficult rules of the EGE and optimally distribute the time between tasks in the process of doing the work.

How to earn points on the exam 2019

The Ministry of Education and Science believes that the stage of active reforming of the knowledge control system has been successfully completed, and in the near future they do not plan significant changes in the structure of KIMs and the norms for evaluating the works of the OGE and EGE. As in the last academic year, the examination works in 2019 will be checked in two ways:

  1. Test blocks, performing tasks which students fill out a special form, will be digitized and checked using a computer. This approach allows you to really quickly process the forms, and also eliminates the human factor.
  2. Tasks with detailed answers will be checked by experts. Each work will be assessed according to the same established criteria by two independent experts. In the event of a significant discrepancy between the points awarded, a third expert may be involved in the verification, whose opinion will be decisive.

Passage threshold ЕГЭ 2019

When evaluating the work they talk about different types of points, namely:

  • test scores;
  • primary points;
  • certification points;
  • minimum test points;
  • minimum passing points.

Let's figure out what it all means.

Test score

All graduates of Russia know that the best result of the Unified State Exam in any subject is 100 points! Lists of Stobolnikov annually adorn news feeds during the introductory campaigns. To obtain a certificate for the USE in 2019, it is enough to score minimum points (corresponding to the “3” mark) for all subjects selected for delivery.The table of the minimum test score threshold for obtaining an education certificate is as follows:

Minimum test scores EGE 2019

But, few people ask themselves how the test points are calculated, which will later be put on the certificate of participation of the Unified State Exam and how you can compare the points earned on the 2019 EGE with the school grade.

The main questions EGE 2019 minimum points

So, let's start from the very beginning - from the initial examination of the examination paper and, accordingly, issuing primary points.

Primary score

In the process of checking the work, the commission calculates the so-called primary score by summing up the points for correctly performed tasks of the KIM. It is worth noting that the primary points for different subjects are significantly different. Details on the principle of charging the primary score can be found in the specifications for a particular subject, which the FIPI annually places on its official website.

So, for the exam, the 2019 established the boundaries of primary points:

The minimum and maximum primary scores EGE 2019

Please note that the primary score corresponds to the test only in foreign languages! In all other cases, an additional transfer is made from primary to test points.

Certification score

The concept of certification score exists for compulsory exam subjects. Until threats are implemented, the history and foreign language should be entered into the list of compulsory disciplines; the attestation score is calculated only for the Russian language and mathematics.

So, to obtain a certificate for graduates in 2019, it will be enough to dial:

  • 24 points in the Russian language;
  • 23 points in basic mathematics.

As you can see, for these two subjects, the attestation ball is even lower than the minimum primary. For other disciplines, certification is counted on the border of the officially established minimum test score.

Attestation points exam in 2019

Of course, this level of training will not allow the graduate to enter the Russian university listed at a higher level. Minimum thresholds are relevant for those who do not plan to fight for places in universities and will be pleased that they will receive a certificate.

If the goal is higher education, it is necessary to focus on completely different parameters:

  1. The minimum passing score on the subject.
  2. Minimum threshold in the university of interest.

Minimum passing score

It is quite natural that with the assessment corresponding to the borders of the “troika” there are very few prospects for entering the university.If we talk about joining the universities of Russia on the budget, to which, naturally, all graduates strive, the minimum limit of the quoted result of the Unified State Exam is within 65 of the possible 100 test points.

Minimum passing points to universities in Russia in 2019

Having scored 65-75 points for the subjects required for admission, you can try to enter into the struggle for a budget place in one of the small regional universities. If your goal is to study in the capital, then at the USE you will need to demonstrate the result of at least 90 out of 100 possible points! For example, only really high passing grades in all the necessary subjects at the 2019 EGE will allow you to become a student of such metropolitan universities.


The average result of the exam







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State Irya them. A.S.Pushkina




Information on the minimum threshold for passing a specialty should be searched on the website of the university whose student you want to become, because this parameter depends on many factors, including:

  • school quotation;
  • Popularity of the chosen direction;
  • the level of training of applicants;
  • the number of budget places;
  • competition for one budget place.

Officially, there is no concept of “Transferring a test exam into an assessment,” since it is the test score that is put into the certificate and is also taken into account during the introductory campaign. But, students, their parents and teachers are often interested in what school results correspond to the points earned on the unified state examination - for this in 2019 such an approximate table of correspondence of points and grades will be used:

Now you know what minimum points you can navigate, and what results you should strive for, preparing for the 2019 exam. In more detail about how to prepare for mathematics, the Russian language, social studies, physics and other subjects this year we will also tell on the pages of our site.

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