The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow?

In the spring of 2012 residents of the English capitallearned that an unusual museum was opened in the vicinity of the city. In London, Harry Potter is a true national hero, and it's no surprise that such a grandiose event happened right here.

The Power of Worldwide Love

museum in london harry potter

The story of an unusual boy is familiar these each. Nobody expected that the fictional character from the novels of JK Rowling would become so popular. Even after the release of the first picture on the screens, a real excitement began. The whole world was swept up by "potteromania". Children proudly put on their glasses and asked them to buy them magic wands. Kids carefully studied the words of incantations and tried to make a miracle in life. The army of Harry Potter fans grew every day. Even adults could not stay away from what was happening. Perhaps this situation led to the fact that a whole museum in London was soon established. Harry Potter is here as alive with his friends. The exposition is located in the pavilion of the film studio Warner Brothers, where, in fact, the shooting took place. From the numerous pavilions of the world-famous company, it turned out to be a wonderful museum in London. Harry Potter here reveals all his secrets. Probably, that's why it was called "Creating Harry Potter".

Journey through the fairy tale

You can visit the museum any day. The cost of admission tickets is relatively small: 29 euros for adults and 21 euros for children under 15 years old, and children under four can enjoy free of charge. For this money, for three hours visitors are given a sightseeing tour. They have the opportunity to really see what they admired on the screen. In the first hall of the exhibition you can see a short video about how the shooting of the famous film took place. Then the inspection of the remaining rooms begins. Visitors with their own eyes can see the famous dining room, where the students not only ate, but also passed the procedure for the distribution of faculties. In the same room, according to the film, balls were held. The hall retained the costumes and props, which was used during the filming. One of the most striking exhibits is the mock-up of the Hogwarts school itself, which is quite impressive. Every building here is like in the palm of your hand. The main "exhibit" of such an institution as a museum in London - Harry Potter - is perceived as a friend who invited everyone to stay with him.

Recognition of Russians

Harry Potter Museum in Moscow

Fans and admirers of Harry Potter are in anycountry of the world. Many desperately fell in love with a desperate lad with honest eyes and an open heart. Such people create forums on the Internet to communicate with like-minded people. But no letters and chats can not replace live communication. The situation was decided by the spouses from Moscow. Natalia as a journalist took up this matter with great enthusiasm. Yes, and her husband Maxim, an employee in the field of advertising, also did not stay aloof. Together they decided to open the Harry Potter museum in Moscow. Of course, it will differ markedly from the London counterpart. But this is also his personality. The main exhibits here will be drawings, photographs, costumes, ornaments and embroideries made solely by their own hands. Everyone can send their works, which will be put on public display. In addition to the exhibition hall, the museum will have a café and a shop where people can buy various souvenirs and attributes. Organizers plan to arrange a museum somewhere in the center of the capital, so that those who wish can easily reach from anywhere in the city.

Wonderful exposition

Harry Potter Museum photo

For residents of the capital and guests of London, the Europeanthe museum prepares a lot of interesting things. Guests will be able to visit the famous Krivoy Lane and go to the store to Mr. Ollivander himself. There they will have the opportunity to see with their own eyes and even, perhaps, touch the notorious magic wands. Guests will visit the bedroom, where young wizards rested and shared secrets. In the pristine form preserved the school living room and personal cabinet of Professor Dumbledore. Visiting the Harry Potter museum, a photo can be made for memory almost everywhere, except for some halls in which professional video shooting is strictly prohibited. A separate place in the museum is occupied by masks. As you know, there were many monsters in the film. Their images were thought through in the most careful way. Each, even the smallest doll was made according to special drawings. There is also a wall with live photos. True, now they are no longer moving, but this does not cease to be interesting to the audience.

The exact address

where is the Harry Potter Museum

Anyone who wants to plunge into the atmosphere of magicand decide on a long journey, should know exactly where the Harry Potter museum is located. If for residents of European countries it does not take long, then for Russians this way will not be close. First you will need to fly to London, and then go to the suburbs, where just a few minutes drive there is a small place called Livsden. The easiest way to get there in 20 minutes by train, and then you will have to use the special buses belonging to the museum, which run in both directions every 30 minutes. The excursion itself includes an inspection of the main pavilions where the film was shot. Nearby there is a house where the parents lived the story of the boy. It was there, on the second floor, that the Dark Lord imposed his spell on Harry. Separately, under the open sky, giant chess pieces are displayed, with the help of which Ron's best friend, Ron Weasley, was able to win the decisive game by sacrificing his health.

Significant difference

London Harry Potter Museum

London's Harry Potter Museum stands outfrom his Moscow colleague. Of course, because here are the originals of all those things that were used on the set. Each visitor can touch them and become, to some extent, a participant in history. The idea of ​​the Moscow museum is different. Here, figuratively speaking, people's impressions are collected. Figures and crafts are made by the spectators themselves. In their work, people reflect not only their vision, but also the attitude to this or that hero of the sensational picture. The age of the authors does not matter. The English museum is a journey to a fairytale country, where everything is filled with the spirit of magic. Here, everyone can feel himself a student of the famous school of magic. Even have the opportunity to attend practical classes, and try to prepare a magical potion. And for Moscow, such a museum is rather a meeting place for fans. Here people come to find like-minded people and the opportunity to show their imagination.

Second Life

livery Harry Potter Museum

It is known that the first to perpetuate Harry Potterrepresentatives of Universal in Florida. It was here, in Orlando, was set up a park named after a small wizard. The company Warner Brothers decided to go further and create a whole museum. The object for placing the exposition was a studio in the town of Livsden. The Harry Potter Museum, in fact, is located on the set itself. This decision allowed to enhance the visitors' impressions from everything they saw. Those who pass through huge halls and bizarre corridors, it seems that in a second one of the doors will open and the characters of the film will run out from there. To ensure that guests can freely navigate the vast territory, each of them before the tour is awarded a specially designed gadget, which has an electronic map of the entire museum, as well as an integrated voice guide in several languages. This revolutionary innovation makes it possible for everyone to individually navigate the territory and receive the necessary information.

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The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow The museum in London is Harry Potter. How is it different from Moscow