Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema

timothy of the Karatai Timothy Karataev is a rising star of the Russiancinema. From him, fans and directors alike are delighted. He has excellent external and acting data. Undoubtedly, Timothy is waiting for new interesting roles and a successful future.


Karataev Timofey Sergeevich was born in Moscow at 9December 1986. In 2004, he entered the Shchepkin Theater School. Timofey immediately noticed and suggested the role of Egorushka in the play "Poverty is not a vice." Timothy Karataev loves poetry very much. In 2007, he participated in the Ermolova recitation contest, where he received the first prize. In 2008, at the Smolensk Karataev International Readers Competition, he became the third prize winner. In the same year, Timofei finishes his studies at the school, and he is invited to the troupe of the Small Academic Theater. Here the actor still works.

Theatrical activity

In the play "Snow Queen" Karataev receivedrole of Kay. In Maxim Gorky's play "The Children of the Sun" - Masterovoy. In the film "Tsar Boris" he got the image of Baron Logau. Timothy also plays the role of gardener in Marshak's play "Clever Things".

Timothy Karataev: Filmography

 Timothy KarataevThe very first role of Karataev was his thesis work. He starred in the movie "Tyson".

In 2010 Karataev got his first homerole in the film "Phobos. Fear Club ". In this tape he played the foreman Alexander. In the same year, Timothy Karataev gets the role of Igor in the comedy series "A little out of myself." According to the plot of the film, Igor is a very successful young man who is in love with the stewardess Irina.

In 2011, the screens on the historical series "Furtseva." Here Karataev plays Eduard Streltsov - football player.

The film "From scratch"

In 2013, Timofey Karataev is removed inmelodrama "From a clean sheet", where he plays the role of Anton Kremnev. Anton is in love with his classmate - Anna Sinitsina, who currently works in a department store as a seller. The young man always sighed at Lisa Fedorova, who was the first beauty in the school. After examinations, Anton began to work as a security guard, although he always had a literary talent. After an unexpected meeting, Anya and Anton go on a date. After a while, they are going to get married, but then Liza appears, which destroys all plans.

The tape "You will be mine"

March 30, 2014 on the screens the film "Youwill be mine". Dina is a beautiful girl, popular with men. Two beautiful guys look after her at once. Dean has to make a choice between such different in character young people. The girl was mistaken in her choice, and now she and her daughter will have to pay for it. She is disappointed and cruel jealous. However, there was another guy, always ready to help.

Currently, our hero is working on projects: "Clock Cagliostro", "Berzi" and "Without a trace."


Timothy Karataev and Anna Mikhaylovskaya Timofei Karataev and Anna Mikhailovskayamet at the screen test. However, this meeting did not lead to anything. Although, as Timofey later admitted, Anna immediately liked him. Two years later, they again intersect on the set of the movie "Who, if not me?". Met, Timofei began to pretend that he saw Anna for the first time. Then they began to be friends. Together went to the movies, went skiing. It was then that their feelings were born. In August 2012, Timothy and Anna began to meet officially, and a year later, on August 24, a wedding was held, to which about 70 people were invited. Friends of Timothy gave the newlyweds a site on the Moon. After the wedding, Anna and Timothy went to Italy.

A young wife admits that she has conservativeviews on the relationship. Only after six months she allowed to kiss her cheek and two more months later - to the lips. They are both actors, and sometimes they have to play love scenes with other work partners. Therefore, of course, a note of jealousy slips. However, they perfectly understand that this is just a profession. Anna and Timofei are so rarely seen that they do not want to waste time trying to figure out who worked with whom and what scene.

The girl says that her husband is a real romantic. She always surprises her. And Timothy can not get enough of the culinary abilities of the wife.


 timothy karatai biography

Timothy Karataev was not going to marry before 30years. First he wanted to save up for a smart wedding. He never planned a personal life, relying on fate. However, he admits that he always wanted to see a woman next to her with a sense of humor and the ability to give in.

He made an offer to Anne on June 6 at the airport. On this day Timothy flew to Minsk. First they decided to see how the planes take off, then our hero went to see Anna out to the car, but stopped halfway and hugged her. After that, Timofei made a favorite offer. The girl at first did not take his words seriously, while Timothy did not get a ring from his pocket. A month later they applied to the registry office. The parents helped organize the wedding. After all, our hero, and Anna is constantly on the road.

Timofey Karataev, whose biography is not verypopular, known not so much so that people recognize it on the streets. However, this talented actor and just a good person have a great future. The number of his fans will grow with every new film. His talent will not leave anyone indifferent. Timothy Karataev, whose filmography grows every year, is becoming more popular with viewers.

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Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema Timofei Karataev is an actor of theater and cinema