Types of solar collectors

Types of solar collectors
Repair and construction is carried out with the use of various materials, but the most popular are modern developments and technologies that allow to save resources and provide homes with all the necessary engineering communications. The most interesting are solar collectors - invented for a long time, but have been improved and only now are becoming widespread. There are several types of such equipment:

  1. Flat. They represent a completely flat surface that is able to accumulate a sufficiently large amount of solar heat. The greatest efficiency is shown in the summer. Of the advantages can be noted their relatively low cost. And here from shortcomings - problem installation on remote roofs. The fact is that it is not constructive to provide for disassembly of a flat collector, which means that it should be lifted to the roof of the building assembled.
  2. Coaxial vacuum tubes.This type of collectors is used to heat water in the warm season. Such solar collectors are easy to operate, have good efficiency, if you use them only in the warm season. But you should know that coaxial vacuum tubes cannot operate under high pressure.
  3. Tubular. This type of collectors is the most efficient - it can generate heat and heat water even during the cold season, because it has design features. Tubular collectors can be easily disassembled and can be installed on any roofs - they can be lifted and assembled without the involvement of specialists. Vacuum provides minimal heat loss in the autumn-winter period of the year.

It should be noted that solar collectors operate on the principle of a bucket of water. After all, all owners of gardens, and just private houses, can observe how the water heats up in an open container under the rays of the sun. But everyone knows that it is rapidly cooling down even on warm summer nights. Therefore, vacuum is used in industrial solar collectors, which contributes to the preservation of heat for a long time.

It is possible to install solar collectors with storage batteries - then heat will be converted into electricity.If you decide to equip your house with solar collectors, you should get a recommendation from the experts. They will help determine the type of suitable equipment and install it (or consult on this stage of work).

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