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The universal brick of daas baksteen is intended for the construction of objects for projects created by architects with a rich imagination and not kept within the framework of traditions. The widest assortment of this brick allows to embody the most daring architectural solutions. The company manufacturer, taking into account new trends in the development of architecture, produces a product of different structure, parameters, configuration and color. Universal brick is successfully used in the construction of objects and their finishes.

About company

Daas Baksteen is a renowned manufacturer of clinker bricks. Initially, the company made such a brick by hand. In other words, it was a cottage industry. However, over time, the demand for such material has increased, and the company entered mass production, having equipped its workshops with high-class equipment that is constantly being improved.

In the days of modernity, the company is a manufacturer of exclusive bricks. The cost of such products is expensive, but this is not an obstacle to constant active demand.The uniqueness of the product in a huge variety of textures, configurations and colors that other manufacturers are not able to repeat in full.


Daas_baksteen brick has excellent moisture resistance. Its moisture absorption is no more than six percent, which favorably distinguishes the product from its counterparts. Differs in high frost resistance that allows to use material even in the conditions of the severe North. It has an extremely low thermal conductivity, due to which the objects are very warm.

Due to the special coating, the brick has a dirt-repellent effect. In other words - it protects the masonry from the effects of the environment, not allowing dirt to adhere, and at the same time does not fade and, if necessary, which may occur during construction, is cleaned without much effort. Houses that were built from this unique brick always have a respectable and beautiful look.

In addition to aesthetic parameters, handmade brick daas_baksteen is characterized by increased strength, durability and unique resistance to atmospheric effects - moisture, frost, sun, various impacts and scratches.


Among the diverse range of clinker bricks, daas_baksteen brick represents an original and exclusive solution. This is a great pottery that imitates the surface of wood. The company also has a novelty, which is the so-called waterfall line. Such a brick is different in that it gives the effect of water droplets on the surface of a brick.

Thanks to a special technology, bricks of this series can be laid in a dry way, without the use of adhesive solutions. Such technology of laying allows to carry out gradual transitions and to create an effective look which cardinally differs from laying by wet methods. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to have professional experience of a bricklayer, it is enough to have simple stone laying skills.

It is worth noting that in the production of bricks is used exclusively natural clay, which meets all the strictest standards for the standardization of such material. In addition, due to its environmental friendliness, the product can be recycled and is safe for people.


Handmade brick is used mostly for the construction of various objects that are traditional or have interesting architectural designs.Also, this material is used for finishing work when facing buildings. Handmade bricks can be used to create a landscape interior, laying out curbs, walkways or small platforms.

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