Unusual wardrobe

April 15, 2010
DIY furniture

unusual wardrobeSomeone would call this furniture a closet, someone a rack, just one thing can be said - you can't buy such an unusual closet, you can only make it yourself.

Instead of standard shelves and drawers, the cabinet is equipped with removable swiveling containers; it consists of four tiers in three rows. The middle row is made in the form of a rack. The frame of the furniture form the back and side walls with shelves and a lid. These parts are interconnected by furniture ties. Nine containers are attached to the frame; they are the same in appearance, but in fact have some differences - 3 of them are permanently fixed and closed with doors, and the other six are removable and equipped with rollers. Due to this, they can be rolled away to the side, removed from the cabinet and put on the floor, these containers are divided into three right and three left.

The appearance of the cabinet can also be varied by color nuances - in the closed state, the cabinet facade is made in a natural wooden floor, separated only by red partitions, and in the open state, the gaze are bright red elements - the rear and side walls, which completely transform the cabinet.You can constantly change the appearance of the cabinet - keep it closed, rotate the containers completely to the side or at a small angle, remove the elements.

Unusual wardrobe do it yourself

  1. unusual wardrobe
  2. We cut out the cabinet elements with a circular saw on the guides.
  3. At the bottom of the containers, with a special Forstner drill with a diameter of 36 cm, we select nests with a depth of 15 cm for the installation of rollers.
  4. In the front walls of the containers, we cut out the wedge-shaped notches with an electric jigsaw and clean their edges manually or with a grinder.
  5. To make the wedge-shaped cutouts look neat, it is better to round the tip of the wedge - first a hole is drilled in the inner corner by marking, and then cuts are made at an angle tangential to the hole.
  6. We assemble shkantah containers using glue.
  7. At the time of drying glue walls of containers fastened with clamps.

    unusual wardrobe

  8. Then we clean the container joints of excess glue and grind the edges.
  9. The use of MDF allows you to immediately paint the selected elements with krsnoy paint.
  10. In the details of the frame we drill holes for furniture ties.
  11. Attach the cover to the walls.
  12. We connect shelves with furniture ties with side walls.The back wall is fastened to the sides with screws.
  13. We fasten loops to the rear walls of the containers for hanging, and fix the counter part to the back of the cabinet.

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