Volkswagen Tiguan 2019

The modern world auto industry today has adopted a completely different trend from the past in the formation of an assortment of passenger vehicles. If in the 20th century, the leaders of machine building themselves created the concept of consumer preferences, the modern principle is precisely to focus on consumer preferences. It should be noted that the popularity of classic sedans declined slightly, in their place there are all-terrain vehicles and the updated Volkswagen Tiguan only confirms the correctness of this decision.


Despite the fact that the cost is quite solid, its position in the market is stable due to the following indicators:

Volkswagen Tiguan 2019

  • Practical and reliable, affordable service;
  • In the new body embodies the best achievements of modern engineering, excellent geometry, allowing to improve the coefficients of aerodynamics;
  • Laconic, balanced, completed design in strict accordance with the Nordic character of the creators of the "people's car", which is confirmed by numerous photos;

Even taking into account the fact that the new Tiguan cannot be classified as a budget car available to the general consumer, due to its numerous advantages, it firmly holds places in the first TOP-ten popularity in Europe. And one of the main priorities of the model is precisely the combination of equipment and price, thanks to which manufacturers plan to further strengthen the brand’s position in the European and domestic market.

About management and marketing Volkswagen

Today, information about the new product is insufficient and does not allow to study it in detail, but even from the spy photos available on the network, you can form a definite opinion about what the buyer is buying as a solid investment in the future. By purchasing a Volkswagen Tiguan, a potential consumer provides himself with comfortable, safe, fascinating journeys on roads of varying difficulty.

The creators of the powerful conqueror of distances from Wolfsburg are planning to enter the international market no earlier than the fall of the current year. The brand has long and deservedly been in demand among our compatriots, so literally every new product is eagerly awaited and sought after by Russians.Just a little bit left to wait for the appearance of “Tiguan”, according to tradition, the beginning of sales in Russia will take place a little later, to be timed to the New Year's presentations. But first things first.

About exterior

Volkswagen Tiguan 2019

Any visual angle allows you to evaluate the traditions of a truly German approach to the design of the body. The updated crossover has all the data of a powerful and dynamic SUV:

  1. A moderate amount of decorative elements and shiny chrome;
  2. The front of the laconic streamlined shape, bright and eye-catching can be called only the middle of the bumper;
  3. Excellent reviews of experts received a set of rectangular headlamps with xenon or LED, made using modern technologies;
  4. The latest news concerns the use of reception, which is not yet sufficiently mastered in mechanical engineering. This reinforcement of the perimeter with a layer of composite plastic, which, in combination with an innovative platform, significantly increased the rigidity indicators of the structure, which was confirmed by a test drive conducted in the North European conditions.

The back of the traditional rectangular shape with a standard set of accessories.Changed the concept of the glass tailgate, SUV got unusual optics, plastic body kit and exhaust in the two-pipe version.

About the interior

New 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan model year

In the cabin of the 2019 model year Tiguan, a good multimedia setup appeared, a lot of modern options that allow you to make the trip exciting and enjoyable. The first photos of the interior confirm that it is not, as always, concise, restrained and even somewhat dry. The situation is helped to fix the finish with the use of modern fabric, plastic with the effect of aluminum, eco-leather and in the TOP version - natural leather.

About motors

Technical characteristics of six engines make a strong impression:

Petrol Volume 1, 4 l Power 125 liters. from.
— // — 1, 6 l 140 l. from.
— // — 1, 8 l 180 l. from.
— // — 2, 0 l 200 l. from.
Diesel fuel 1, 6 l 115 l. from.
— // — 2, 0 l 150/190 / 240l. from.

On the market will be several options for picking. The basic version will cost at least 1,800,000.0 rubles. , fully charged version will reach 2 500 000.0 rubles.

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