Ways to save the budget

In order to fully control your budget and learn how to save, it is best to start with an analysis of your finances. After all, often we spend money, not counting and not planning our purchases. But then, as the salary comes to an end imperceptibly, we urgently begin to look for ways to save with all imaginable and unimaginable ways. So is it not better to plan your expenses right away and learn how to spend money economically?

Try at least for a month to track your spending, write in a notebook or on a computer on the columns, how much and what you spend. Make a graph of income and expenses, mark the permanent expenditure on utility payments and credit. And then write down every day how much you spend on food and personal expenses (entertainment or hobbies).

By the way, for the convenience of counting there are many special programs. The names of all are different, but they are intended for one purpose - home bookkeeping. They are easy to find on the Internet and installed on your computer.It takes you a little time, but you will see how much money you have spent on certain expenses and what part of them should be reduced.how to save the family budget

Spontaneous shopping

Many of us, not counting, spend money on entertainment or toys for children. And also, for example, on trips to a cafe or pizzeria. All parents love to pamper their children, buying from the salary, cute and funny inexpensive toys that end up lying around the house, and then thrown away for no need.

We do not even think about the amount of these little things per month. Harmless toys for $ 100., Purchased once a month certainly will not take millions from you, but if you count the costs for the year, then the amount of several thousand will be released!ways to save budget

Wouldn't it be better to agree with the child that instead of small toys, he will get one big one no less interesting. Go to the store, ask the price and choose together the appropriate option. Then, postponing a certain small amount per month, you will approach the main goal and soon save up for the cherished toy. And if you still manage to purchase it for the promotion, you can give the child a choice: postpone the remaining money until the next purchase or spend it now on something inexpensive.

Thus, you will teach your child to achieve long-term financial goals and teach him to handle money, which will be very useful in his future life.

Cost analysis


family budget

After you analyze and find out which cost item you spend most of your money on, think about how you can reduce these costs. For example, if you find out that almost all the money is spent on products, try to learn how to buy products economically. Before going to the store, always make a list of necessary products and do not take anything extra.

Perhaps you like to buy some expensive finished products that take up a large part of your budget. It can be pizza, cakes or pastries. Learn to cook this dish yourself, and you will greatly benefit in price, quantity, and often quality! After all, homemade is always tastier than the store and you will always be sure of the freshness of the products from which it is cooked.

There is nothing difficult in the preparation of pizza or cake, besides, there is always ready-made dough and cakes on sale, if not a hunt for a long time messing around in the kitchen.Just cooking at home, dumplings or pastries, you will significantly save your finances.

family budget savingsIf you cannot refuse to buy any fashionable thing by spending half your salary on it, and doing it all the time, then surely you are a shopaholic. Especially often they become women, because it is so difficult to resist the constant renewal of wardrobe, even when shelves of beautiful dresses and newly purchased clothes are crammed in the closet. In the end, it still turns out that there is nothing to wear. Deal with this is not easy, but possible.

Of course, buying fashionable things that are also very suitable for you is not so bad. But agree unpleasantly, give fabulous money for a blouse or dress that you put on just a few times, and then they will safely gather dust in your closet. In order not to become a victim of fashion trends, try to give preference to basic things that go well with other clothes and do not go out of fashion for a long time. For example, high-quality jeans, correct-cut pants and a pencil skirt will always be appropriate. And in combination with a white blouse or shirt suitable for work and for any holiday.If you really want all the same, buy yourself something of an unusual cut, incredibly fashionable this year, stop your choice on inexpensive models. After all, you are unlikely to wear it for more than a few seasons.

Also buying things, do not overpay for clothes made of thin knitwear. They quickly lose their appearance and shape, after a lot of washes turning into a rag. It is better to buy blouses, shirts or dresses made of durable fabrics.

By the way, you will save a lot on new things if you sell old ones. After reviewing your wardrobe, select all the things that are still in good condition, but for some reason you are no longer suitable. Take a picture of them and put up for sale. Having sold out old clothes, you will have a portion of the money to purchase new ones.

Money box

how to keep a family budgetRegardless of the size of your salary, try to save at least 10% of the money from it every month. You don’t even have to keep them on a book in a bank, just put them in a piggy bank. The accumulated money is needed for the acquisition of any large expensive purchases, unforeseen financial expenses or for summer holidays at sea. Agree, it is much more pleasant to get money from the piggy bank, than to borrow, then from friends or borrow.Of course, not everyone can methodically save a certain amount, and will not be tempted to spend money ahead of time. Then you will perfectly suit the option of a deposit in a bank.

Many families learn to save money only with the advent of children. This is not surprising. After all, regardless of age, a child requires a lot of constant spending on clothes, toys, training, etc. But even if you have a large family and several children, there is always the opportunity to save your finances and not limit yourself to the necessary acquisitions.

Family Savings Tips

  1. Get winter clothes or shoes, not in season. In all stores at the end of winter sales of winter collections begin. Things are sold with discounts from 30 to 50%. Usually, this discount period begins at the end of January or at the beginning of February.
  2. For families with children, it will be helpful to choose any one large store of children's goods, with a different assortment and a cumulative system of discounts. Where are sold and clothing, toys, baby food and bulky goods, such as strollers, sleds, etc. There you are given a bonus card, and with each purchase you accumulate your discount.Thus, for several years it is possible to accumulate a decent percentage of discounts.
  3. It is better to buy expensive toys or things at a discount on Birthday. Many stores offer great discounts for birthday kids, from 20 to 30%. Also discounts are offered by many entertainment centers, water parks, etc.
  4. If your child has long been dreaming of a particular toy, but you now have no opportunity to purchase it, do not worry, time is playing for you. Preparing in advance for the purchase of a gift for a birthday or a New Year, it is worthwhile to compare prices in stores and through the Internet. Now there is a great opportunity to do this without leaving home. After asking this or that product in the Internet search engine, the service itself selects prices for you on various websites. You just have to compare the cost of delivery and the price of the gift. Perhaps, having ordered a gift through some website, it will be even cheaper than in the nearest store with a discount.
  5. Use sites for resale items. For example, Avito or Yula. Here you have the opportunity to buy good quality things in excellent condition at two times cheaper than the store. Especially this option is suitable for shopping for families that have kids. It is very convenient to take clothes or even a stroller, which you can then resell for the same price.family budget for shopping
  6. Acquire products from organizers of joint purchases. Now in any social networks there are a lot of people who buy wholesale directly from manufacturers. The price due to this is much less than in the store. The truth will have to pay an additional 200 or 300 p. for delivery if the organizer is not in your city.
  7. Use special applications on your phone or computer that compare all promotions and discounts in the nearest stores and shopping centers in your city. For example, such services as Foodadil or Kuponator and Biglion. The first allows you to track the lowest prices for food and household chemicals, and the latter keeps discounts and coupons for various services and products.
  8. Before purchasing any major purchase, always read the reviews. Now there are many sites with reviews of various products. Be it household appliances, toys, clothes or even furniture. This will save you from unnecessary spending on low-quality and short-lived goods.

In fact, no matter how much you earn, it is much more important how well you manage your finances. Having learned to save and control their expenses,You will understand that even with a small salary you have the opportunity to dress well, buy your child his favorite toys and have a rest at the sea every summer. In this case, you will not need to borrow money from friends or take a loan.

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