Weather forecast for the summer of 2018 in Russia

The weather forecast for the summer of 2018 excites Russians for various reasons: it is this period that accounts for most vacations that people intend to spend on vacation, have time to visit resorts or warm countries, and carry out all the planned activities simultaneously. If we take into account that only in summer most schoolchildren and students can fully relax, it becomes clear why the weather forecast for this season of 2018 is most interesting for most people.

Such long-term forecasts cannot be provided with accuracy to the day, however, the director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia R. Vilfand has already announced the data that the department has at this moment. Detailed reports have been prepared for all regions of the country, and Russians can already tentatively rely on them when choosing dates for vacations or planning important affairs and events.

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What will be the summer by region

Despite the general trend towards warming and shifting climate towards sharp cataclysms,summer in most regions of Russia will not be marked by such strong droughts and sudden jumps in temperature regimes, as during the previous two years.

Temperature peaks in most regions can be observed in July. Favorable factor is the fact that it is in this month that the greatest amount of summer precipitation is expected, and this can prevent a strong drought. This moment is very important for agricultural enterprises that can rely on the most productive varieties of crops, reducing the percentage of drought-resistant ones.

Based on the available data and taking into account long-term observations, meteorologists said that the onset of summer in 2018 will come late, retaining spring indicators in most of the territories throughout June. July will be the standard summer month with typical weather for this season, and August will be a transitional period to an autumn cooling.

Central Black Earth

Forecasts of weather forecasters for this area promise coolness in the first decade of June. Most of all the cold will be felt before sunset and in the morning. In the Tambov region, the arrival of summer will be delayed even longer - until the second half of the month.

In the Belgorod, Kursk, Voronezh and Lipetsk regions, the arrival of heat will be felt from the tenth of a month. In the daytime, the thermometer will reach + 20 ° С, but at night it may again decrease to +5 - + 9 ° С.

The second half of the month will be light wind and without sudden changes in temperature. Despite the absence of heat and heat, during this period you can relax comfortably. But in the last days there is a high probability of cyclones, which will come from the Balkans and bring with them long and heavy rains. In Voronezh and Lipetsk, record rains lasting for about a week are possible at the same time.

Swallows on the wire

The middle of the season will not bring the usual heat, but sufficient warm and stable rainfall with an interval of 7-10 days will be noted, so we can consider its July successful from the point of view of gardeners and gardeners.

The end of the season will be marked by mild weather with a gradual decrease in temperature indicators in the last decade. Nights during this period will become much colder, but in the afternoon the sun will still warm the air sufficiently.


Traditionally, it is predicted that the arrival of summer in these areas will significantly lag behind other regions and the calendar.In July, it will be possible to observe a rather low temperature, and in Yakutia and the Kamchatka Territory it will not do without negative values. Throughout July, strong enough winds are predicted here, due to which the temperature will be felt much lower than real figures.

Periodic warming, reaching up to + 12 ° С - + 14 ° С, will begin only by the end of the first summer month, but from July the short northern summer will rightfully settle here. A short period of relative heat will last several weeks, after which the indicators will again decline. Already in August, you will feel the coolness, which will be accompanied by heavy rainfall. By 20 numbers on the thermometer it will be possible to fix a single reduction to 0 ° С at night.

Snow in summer

central part

In this region, the heat will begin in June. From the first numbers, temperature indicators will not exceed + 22-24 ° С, but by the end of the second week they will rise to + 27 ° С. Lowering the temperature, which will occur in the evening, will not become uncomfortable due to the absence of winds. Only in Yaroslavl in the first decade are possible night frosts.

By the fourth week will begin the first signs of this summer: the weather will be hot.In the Tula and Kostroma regions at this time, the onset of a summer drought is possible, which may continue until mid July. This will greatly increase the risk of fires. July will be more rainy in Tver and the Kirov region, with frequent periods of variable or fair cloudiness, so the heat will not be stable in this region.

The forecast for August in the central part of Russia will not differ from the average annual indicators that have been observed here over the past years. During the daytime, the thermometer's column will not rise above 16 ° C, and after dusk the breath of the approaching autumn will be noticeable. In Kuban this month, heavy winds and strong thunderstorms are predicted, which can cause significant damage to crops.

Wheat in the wind

Most Russian resorts are concentrated in the southern regions, so the weather forecast of these regions is more often interested than all the others. Here the arrival of summer will declare itself from the first days of May, and with the onset of June, the real summer heat will begin. Residents and guests of the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea will be able to enjoy this heat: the thirty-degree heat will be accompanied by a decrease in humidity, but this will not happen in coastal areas.The water temperature will warm up to +20 - + 22 ° С in the first days, so the holiday season will be in full swing by this time.

The same weather is forecasted in July: the thermometer will drop slightly even at night. In the second half of the month, heat is possible here, reaching in some places up to +38 - + 42 ° С, therefore, it will be dangerous to health in the open air due to the risk of thermal shock.

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August will be quite mild, the heat will already decline, only periodically returning temperature peaks. In the second half of the month, protracted drought is predicted, which may last longer than 4 weeks. The end of the dry period will be heavy rains, squalls, thunderstorms, and there will be storms on the seashore during this period, but the rampant of the elements will last only a few days, after which mild weather will again be established without critical indicators. The end of the month will be characterized by ideal weather for rest, characteristic of the end of summer - the beginning of autumn in this region.

East Region

In the east of the country, forecasts predict an extremely unstable summer, with frequent temperature jumps and strong cyclones that will bring winds and storms here. In coastal areas, such disasters will be felt more strongly than in other eastern regions.

The beginning of summer will be marked by frequent periods of strong winds with gusts, but after a couple of weeks, an anticyclone is expected to arrive, which will bring warm rains and an overall temperature increase from the southern front. In July, there will be a lot of precipitation and high humidity. Sharp fluctuations in day and night temperatures are possible, which will adversely affect the well-being of meteo-dependent people.

Judging by the long-term forecasts of meteorologists, August in eastern Russia will pass without cataclysms. The longest heat will linger in the Khabarovsk Territory and in the Amur Region. Summer will end gently, with a gradual cooling, without sharp frosts or cold western cyclones.

Summer day

St. Petersburg

According to weather forecasters, the summer of 2018 in St. Petersburg will not be hotter than usual. The forecast for June allows night frosts during the first week of the month, and then positive temperatures will thoroughly conquer the city.

In July, the weather can present an unpleasant surprise to Petrograd in the form of a cold cyclone from the Baltic Sea. This cyclone will bring torrential cold rains, gusting winds and a sharp cooling.The whole month is expected to be partly cloudy, and sunny weather will rarely please the citizens.

In August, no anomalous events are foreseen, but during the first week the temperature indicators will decrease and hold out until September at a level not exceeding +10 - + 11 ° С, which is slightly below the average indicators for this time of year.

Summer in St. Petersburg


For residents of the capital, the weather forecast for the summer of 2018 is not very different from what has been observed over the past five years.

All June will be relatively warm, during the day around + 20 ° C, and at night it is somewhat cooler - +20 - + 14 ° C. In the second decade, it may rain, but in general the month promises to be dry, and the monthly norm of precipitation will be below normal.

July will be different weather stability, only in the middle of the month nature will present a gift - the southern heat. But it will not last for a long time and in 5-7 days everything will return to normal.

In August, weather forecasters promise the Muscovites warmth, which will be the final chord before the final cooling. Over the last two weeks of the summer, fog will haunt the capital almost daily. Their intensity in the morning may make it difficult to move along the roads and cause huge traffic jams within the city.In the second half of August, a serious decrease in temperature, which the northern cyclone will bring, is possible.

Fog in Moscow

Meteorologists remind that the long-term weather forecasts are not 100% consistent with the real picture, but 67% of them coincide with what the season will be. If we take into account the data sounded by weather forecasters, we can conclude that the coming summer will be quite moderate and without cataclysms.

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