Wedding 2019: Auspicious Days in the Church Calendar

The orthodox sacrament of the wedding - whether it is a tribute to fashion or true faith and a desire to enlist the support of divine forces - is increasingly being held by church workers among young couples and married spouses registered at the registry office. However, in Orthodoxy, clear canons are established when this solemn ceremony can be held. To determine the date of the wedding should take into account the forbidden days and the reasons for refusal. Also, the church wedding calendar for 2019 highlights special dates, the most suitable for a combination of two lovers.

Orthodox posts

During the period of observance of Orthodox posts, the wedding is not held. In order to avoid confusion with dates, we will clarify the periods of posts in 2019:

  • Christmas - from November 28 of the previous year to January 6;
  • Easter - March 11 - April 27 (on the eve of this post, weddings are undesirable);
  • Petrov - June 24 - July 11;
  • Assumption - August 4 - August 27.

The wedding ceremony in these periods is carried out only in exceptional cases.A quick trip or a serious illness of one of the people getting married can be a weighty reason for this. In any case, the consent of the bishop (high-ranking cleric) is necessary.

wedding in church

Days not suitable for the sacred Mystery

Orthodox wedding calendar is rather complicated. For the wedding ceremony in 2019, the church allocates 124 days. The general rules of Orthodoxy, which provide for undesirable days, will help determine the date:

  • Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - precede the day of the weekly fast (Wednesday, Friday) and small Easter (Sunday).
  • The days of great church holidays are on Christmas Eve and Baptism (January 18 and 19), the Meeting (February 15.), Palm Sunday (April 21), the Trinity (celebrated in 2019 on June 16), the Transfiguration of the Lord (Orthodox celebrate August 19, 2019 .), Exaltation (September 27), Beating of the Forerunner (September 11) and a few more festivals (September 21), Radonitsa (parent day May 7) and other commemorative days (November 1-2).
  • Christmas and Christmas - Bright Week January 7-17.
  • Maslenitsa - Cheese Week 4-10 March.
  • Temple holidays are held in each church separately, the date specified by the priest of the temple chosen for the ceremony.

In large Orthodox festivities, believers express the general joy of the church. Although the Sacrament of Marriage is also an important event, it is not worth distracting all parishioners to personal events.

Best days for a wedding

Priests traditionally crowned couples in love on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, there are special days in 2019, favorable for weddings on the church calendar. These days the church celebrates a large influx of people getting married.

  • Red Hill (Antipaskha or Fomin Day) - the first post-Easter Sunday (May 5). According to church traditions, it was on this day that Jesus appeared to the apostle Thomas in the flesh in order to prove to the unbeliever his resurrection.
  • Days of honoring the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God - June 21 and November 4. These days, parental prayers for harmony and happiness in the new family are especially strong.

A visit to the church before the wedding is necessary not only to clarify the date of the ceremony. The priest must be convinced of the sensible decision of the couple to join in bonds of sacred marriage, as well as explain the features of preparation (rings, icons, candles, towel) and the sacraments. The church refuses to marry non-baptized, people of a different faith, because of age (up to 18 years and 60 years for women and 70 for men).Marriages between blood relatives and people bound by baptism (between godparents, godparents and their parents) are not allowed. It is forbidden to get married if one of the people getting married already had three marriages. In this sense, the church canon clearly echoes popular wisdom - if a wife was beaten by all three husbands, then it is not a matter of men, but of a woman. As well as vice versa.

Often, the selected wedding date is not combined with the church calendar. Then you can hold a festive event in one day, and the church sacrament in another. This is exactly what many couples do: all laws are observed (astrological and Orthodox) and there will be two reasons for common joy in the future. Common holidays strengthen the family hearth. In any case, the happiness in the family depends on you, and the priest can see the fine lines of each of the people getting married and will help to finally decide on the choice of a spouse.

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