What are monitors?

One of the main computer componentsis the monitor, after the processor, of course. After all, it is with his help that a person perceives graphic and text information output by a computer. That's why it's important to know what monitors are, how to choose a monitor that suits your work tasks.

The mechanism of operation of monitors

Like any other component of personalcomputer, kinds of monitors are great. The main division into types goes according to the physical principle of work - they separate CRT and LCD monitors (they are also LCD monitors). The first display color using a cathode-ray tube bombarding the screen with electrons, which causes the luminescent coating to emit the light of the desired shade. The latter use the property of liquid crystals, such as anisotropy. The crystal is acted in some way and from this it begins to color the light passing through it to the desired shade. Now CRT monitors are hopelessly outdated and almost out of use. Consider the different types of LCD monitors.

Monitor Format

According to the screen format, these types of LCDmonitors, as usual 4: 3 and widescreen 16:10. Here 4: 3 and 16:10 this aspect ratio of the screen along the length. If current trends continue in the monitor market, soon there will be no monitors of the 4: 3 format on the shelves. Widescreen monitors are much more convenient. And there are more places on the desktop and films can be watched in high quality as in a cinema.

Matrix and video driver

For professional designers play a roleAuxiliary parameters affecting the operation of the monitor. Firstly, it is a matrix of the monitor - different types of LCD-monitors contain different matrices in their composition, which, in turn, have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, S-IPS matrix provides better color reproduction, but the price of a monitor with such a spare will be around six or seven hundred dollars. Matrices PVA / MVA better transmit black color and contrast. Standing such a monitor will be within three hundred dollars. If you are not a designer or photographer, you should choose a monitor with a TN-film matrix. Differences do not feel, and the ratio of "price / quality" for such matrices is optimal.

The second parameter is video card and video driverIf, of course, the monitor is connected to a PC. If the video card is low-power, half of all the possibilities of the monitor will not be used. And on the contrary, the high-end video card will not be able to do it in full on a cheap monitor.

We examined different types of monitors and theircharacteristics for example LCD-monitors. It remains only to choose the right characteristics, so that the monitor can work at full power and enjoy the splendor of color and depth of contrast.

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