What are the eyes talking about?

New times require new solutions and approaches. The fashion for the study of psychology, non-verbal signals, physiognomy, palmistry and the application of the acquired skills in practice in recent years have firmly entered the lives of many people. Apply nontraditional psychology is not only simple philistines, but employees of personnel services when people are employed.

One of the most popular destinations in the lasttime has become the definition of a person's character in his eyes, because everyone knows that the eyes are able to speak, even more than words and actions of a person. So what do the eyes say to a person who knows how to "hear" them?

Eyes say a lot: on the eyes can determine the mood of a person, his character, addictions and even some diseases. A hundred percent accuracy does not give such a method, but with the right approach one can get good results.

For example, in the people it is believed that if a personmurky eyes, this may be a consequence of various infectious diseases; red eyes are with conjunctivitis and colds; yellowing of the eye proteins speaks of liver disease (jaundice, hepatitis, etc.); sunken eyes speak of exhaustion; frequent blinking is one of the signs of vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc.

What are your eyes telling me?

On the nature of a person, the eyes speak more thanmany psychological tests. A great influence on the formation of character has the color of the eye, because if you look closely, you can notice significant differences in the behavior of light-eyed and dark-eyed people.

What do dark eyes speak about?

For example, the owners of black and brown eyes - thisenergetic, authoritative, active, impulsive, gambling, quick-tempered, witty, charming, enterprising and resilient people who always strive forward to new heights. Most of them are by nature leaders.

Also, dark eyes speak of a passionate nature andlove of his master. It is widely believed that brown-eyed people are capable of driving anyone crazy, which they quite often use to get what they want or to translate their ideas into reality. Astrologers say that the brown eyes speak of a combination of the energies of the Sun and Mars, which reward their owners with amorousness, sociability and friendliness.

What is the color of the eyes of cold shades?

According to astrology, cold shades speak ofthe combination of the energy of Venus, the Sun and Saturn. This combination gives its owners an attractiveness, sensuality, sharp and penetrating mind, good sense of humor, temperament, sociability. They often fall in love, but quickly cool off to the subject of their recent sympathies, also light-eyed are characterized by quick temper.

Blue-eyed representatives are distinguished by a strongwill, determination, truthfulness, justice, inclination to conflicts, romanticism. Predicting their further behavior and tracing the train of thought is very difficult. Negative character traits include rancor and arrogance.

O bladateli blue eyes - persistent, strong-willed,bold and dreamy. Nature has endowed them with a good imagination, rich in fantasy and vulnerability, which is why many art people have bright eyes. In their love affair they are unstable. Blue-eyed have a tendency to rapid changes in mood and various moods.

Gray-eyed are resolute, intelligent, inquisitive,sympathetic, kind, reserved, practical and patient. Among them there are many philosophers, intellectuals and thinkers. Despite its non-conflict, they sometimes lack the flexibility to communicate.

Summarizing what people say about the eyescold color, we can say that, despite the propensity for romance, their possessor does not have enough heat, and he is not fully capable of showing tenderness and love.

What do green eyes speak about?

Green-eyed people are characterized by strong will,stubbornness, assertiveness, endurance, accuracy, rigor, developed imagination, good organizational skills. Green eyes almost always know what they need and how to achieve it.

Before taking a step, always carefullythink through options for possible consequences, never act impulsively. By nature are not bad psychologists, than, if necessary, they are used for manipulating people. There are cunning and insidious.

According to astrology, green isthe combination of the energy of Venus and Neptune. This combination gives its owners a softness, constancy, generosity, responsiveness, reliability and tenderness, which they are able to show in relation to family and friends. In antipathy green-eyed are cruel and ruthless.

The nature of green-eyed can be compared with a cat's: at first they behave themselves arrogantly, arrogantly, independently, proudly, with restraint and unapproachable, but it is worthwhile to entice them with something delicious, and it becomes clear that this is a mask, and in fact they are very nice, friendly, tender and vulnerable.

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