What do you need for a dog?

After consulting with relatives and friends,asking friends and rereading a lot of information - you chose a puppy. Now it is important to bring up from a small fluffy lump a devoted and cheerful friend, an intelligent helper, and if necessary, a hardy hunter. Performing simple recommendations for the care and proper nutrition of the dog, you can easily grow an energetic, healthy puppy.

To the appearance of a pet in the house you needprepare in advance. To begin with, choose a place where the baby will sleep, eat, play. Next, visit the pet store and buy everything you need for a dog or at least necessary for the first days of a minimum of objects. The more thorough your preparation is, the calmer, better and more comfortable your baby will be to you.

Minimal item set

  • A dog house. From the first days of arrival in the house, the puppy must understand that he has his place. Such a "dog house" where you can sleep, gnaw bones, hide toys or hide yourself when someone else comes. It is best to buy a ready-made lounger or a basket, corresponding to the future size of your pet. Do not forget about the washable cover on the mattress for a small puppy.
  • Canteen. Place for eating, it is also better to determine in advance by placing two bowls in it, it is best of stainless steel with a rubber rim on the bottom. For rocks with high paws and long ears, you can buy a special stand. Take care that the bowl of water is not empty.
  • Feed. At first, you need to choose the same feed that the puppy fed the breeder, regardless of your beliefs and preferences. After a month, start gradually translating the baby into your type of food. Dog experts distinguish three types of feeding: natural feed, dry feed and combined. If you decide to cook yourself, then do not forget that in the diet must necessarily be present cottage cheese, kefir, meat, vegetables and cereals, as well as vitamins and special supplements. When choosing a dry food, it is better to consult a veterinarian. The most popular and high-quality feeds are: Hill's, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Happy Dog. Do not try to pamper your dog with sweets!
  • Care items. Buy a few devices to care for the hair and claws of the puppy. This can be a hairbrush, a "puerper" brush, a massage brush, a dog shampoo, a lotion and ear cleaning sticks, a nail clipper.
  • Accessories. After the appearance of the baby in the house, it is better to immediately put the collar on him and gradually accustom him to the leash. When you go outside, you will need several leashes of different lengths and a muzzle. Choose a collar for neck size, light and durable, with reflective marks, soft leather and with a token containing hosts contacts.
  • Toys. Stock up on toys that the baby can chew on and you will not have problems with torn wallpaper, spoiled shoes, destroyed papers. Buy a puppy balls of different sizes, bones from veins, rubber rings and pishchalki.
  • First Aid Kit. Little puppies like to poke their nose where they do not need, and often suffer from it. Take care that you have what to disinfect wounds and cuts, to calm indigestion or fever. First aid preparations: cotton swabs (for wound treatment), band-aid, bandages, a pair of hydrogen peroxide bubbles and a couple of hydroperitic packages, chlorhexidine solution, antihelminthic drug, medical tourniquet, enema, syringes, vaseline oil, manganese, activated carbon, tavegil. Write down your veterinarian's telephone number, as well as the address and telephone number of the veterinary clinic, as well as a 24-hour veterinary clinic.

Vaccination plan

After the puppy settles in a new place, andyou will get used to the role of the host, be sure to visit the vet. He will tell you what vaccinations a dog needs and will make an individual vaccination plan for your baby to prevent serious illnesses. Approximately the vaccination schedule for dogs is as follows:

  • In two months, the puppy gets the first vaccine from the plague.
  • Not later than 2 weeks later, a second vaccination is carried out.
  • After 6-7 months, the puppy's teeth completely change and during this period they must be vaccinated against rabies.
  • A year later the dog is given the next inoculation, and then the procedure is repeated with an annual interval until the end of life.

Participation in the exhibition

As soon as your baby turns into a beautiful andproud dog, start looking for information about dog shows. What do you need to participate? How to prepare? How to register and what to expect? The exhibition is a significant and exciting event. You can talk with the breeders, admire the best representatives of different breeds, boast of the achievements of your pet, and maybe even find him a pair. Register, specify the time and place, prepare your pet - trim the claws, walk it, check the purity of the coat, wash your eyes and ears, feed it easily. At the exhibition you will need:

  • documents for the dog (veterinary card and original pedigree);
  • litter, bowl, water;
  • two cloths for cleaning wool
  • napkins and cellophane bag, if there is an emergency toilet in the ring;

Going to the exhibition, be sure to invitefriends and relatives. They will help you, cheer for you and share the joy of victory. Now you know all about what you need for a dog. We wish you good luck!

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