What if the child is often sick?

What if your child is often sick? Usually children, like adults, are ill with colds not more than 2-3 times a year. And if this happens more often? If the child often has ARI, sometimes 10-12 times a year, and grasps the runny nose where the remaining children remain healthy, then it can be attributed to a group of so-called often ill children.the child is often sickUsually this problem is closely related to the featuresimmunity, and for such a child even a slight cold ends with complications - otitis, bronchitis, sinusitis. Children's immunity may be weakened for various reasons: a bad ecological situation in the region of residence, insufficient full-fledged and balanced nutrition, hereditary predisposition, intrauterine infections. By themselves or in combination, these causes contribute to the formation of a poor-quality immune response due to insufficiency of both humoral and cellular immunity. As a result, this leads to the fact that the child often suffers from colds, sometimes even with bacterial complications.

Why is the child often sick? The immune system of children under 4 years old is fundamentally different from an adult. Children of an early age almost do not get sick - they after birth get maternal antibodies, which protect them. They continue to do so with mother's milk. Thus, it can be said that a child who is breastfed has passive immunity. At the end of this period, the children's body must begin to independently develop their own antibodies upon contact with the infection. That's where the problems begin. First, the source of infection can be relatives who bring viruses from the streets, work and other public places. Secondly, a child who visits a kindergarten is often ill. There he has to deal with a mass of various infections, and the weakened immunity of this does not stand.the child often gets sickAlso, the child is often sick if there is a focus of persistent infection in the body. These include chronic tonsillitis or adenoiditis.

If a child is often sick, and cases of ARIare registered more often four times a year, pediatricians will advise to take immunomodulating drugs, and, in principle, they will be right. However, to deal with the correction of immunity, especially child, is better still to the immunologist, and on the basis of the results of the immunogram.

What to do if a child often suffers from ARVI? There are several fairly simple steps to strengthen immunity.

The child must fully and diversely eat for a balanced development of all organs and systems.often a child is sick

Try to walk as much as possible with him in the fresh air - this is one of the simplest methods of hardening.

Do with the child morning exercises. Physical development strengthens the body as a whole and promotes the proper humoral regulation of many processes.

Be involved in the prevention of ARVI. In time, eliminate inflammatory foci in the body - visit the dentist, sanitize tonsils and adenoids.
If you still can not avoid a cold, then try to avoid complications - start antiviral treatment on time.

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