What is a dredger?

What is a dredger?

  1. Boat means of catamaran type, equipped with a powerful pump,
    "trunk" (called the VZOS or ZEV) which hangs on the lifting cargo-arrow between the "catamaran pants" Each. "Staffing" is equipped with wobblers of anchoring-maneuver (left and right, called "Papillon".
    From the dredger on the pontoons with built-in pipes, which have a spherical interconnection to the shore, they give PULPU (ground mix water), the cable that feeds the electric cables is laid along the pontoons. dvig. pump (where it worked, so Pdv = 1250 kW, synchronous). Variant ZS-dredge, but there is usually not a pump, but the TORTAL is like a platy boat. There is a marine AP, islands are created for them: sand is found in the sea, taken away, transported and you can at least
    cosmodrome "wash" in another place on the planet
  2. The dredge (dredger) is a floating facility for underwater mining of soils and extraction of non-metallic materials (sand, gravel) from the bottom of reservoirs. The dredger is equipped with means for working movements, transportation of slurry (pulp) through slurry lines to the place of packing.

    Dredges are divided into the following types:

    on the working organ - on dredging, ejector, screw, air-lift;
    on working movements - anchor-rope, pile-rope, pile and with the help of engines;
    by type of soil ripper on suction, ejector and air-lift - milling, hydraulic or milling-hydraulic (sintering, vibrating and other soil rippers are rarely used);
    by the way of transportation of soil - in its own hold (bilge dredger), on floating and shore slurry pipelines, over hanging slurry pipeline, along longgulcura (long tray), in shalandas, in bunker barges;
    by the type of actuator - diesel, diesel-electric, electric diesel-hydraulic, diesel-electro-hydraulic.
    Scope of the dredgers:

    dams, dams and beaches;
    mining of building materials and minerals;
    the development of gold and slag storage of thermal power stations;
    cleaning channels, rivers and various water bodies, industrial and agricultural sedimentation tanks;
    development of underwater trenches for laying pipelines (dykes) and cables, as well as their washing;
    the washing of roads and squares for industrial and civil construction.

  3. A technical vessel often used in the extraction of minerals such as gold and call them dredges and so on
  4. Land Equipment
  5. Poorly controlled self-propelled ground-based device.
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  7. A missile (bomb), which is placed under the ground for a subsequent explosion.
  8. ZEMSNARYAD is a dredger, it is a floating machine (ground projectile), equipped with mechanisms, aggregates and devices for underwater mining of soil, extraction, transporting it to the required distance with subsequent laying. With the help of a dredger you can fulfill your wishes in various fields: clean water reservoirs, starting from the park pond or the settler of the plant, to deepening the river, the lake, to extract not only sand and gravel from the quarry, sapropel from the lake, but also to use a dredger when mining precious metals - gold, diamonds, etc.
    What is a dredger? also their


    The variety of types of works and fields of application generates a variety of models of the earth projectiles. They depend on the specific conditions in which the earth projectile is operated, from the depth of development, from the composition of the soils, from the range of transportation and the height to which the ground needs to be lifted. Depends on the availability of electricity, on the autonomy of fuels and lubricants, available service vessels, climate conditions and many other conditions.

What is a dredger? There is a marine AP,

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