What is soothing for dogs better?

Soothing for dogsExhibitions, relocations, thunderstorms, New Year's salutes ... Some dogs like "shake" the nervous system suffer stoically, while others panic. It is not always possible to protect an animal from stress, but to reduce the intensity of an attack using sedatives for dogs is in our power. Fortunately, pharmacies offer today a decent choice of such drugs. But each organism is individual. Here you can not say unequivocally: "This is soothing for dogs - the best of all!" You may have to try several drugs before you find the most suitable.

Let's look at the four most common types of sedatives, based on plant components. As a rule, their action is rather mild, but because the consciousness remains clear, the state of lethargy is not observed.

Valerian - the most common sedative for dogs, gives a sedative effect, allowing you to achieve calm and relaxation. It is advised by veterinarians for thunderstorms, before visiting the clinic, before traveling and so on. With a correctly calculated dosage, several days can be used. In cases where stress can be foreseen (trips, exhibitions), it is better to start taking valerian the day before (two days). Dosage - from 5 to 15 drops (by weight). Another advantage of valerian is that it acts as an antispasmodic, which is important in cases when the excitement of the animal is accompanied by a violation of the digestive tract (diarrhea). Aggressive dogs valerian is not suitable.

Dogs, who have jealousy and aggression, flare up under stress and fear, can come across passionflower.

Soothing for dogsMotherwort is another sedative for dogs. Sometimes his actions even surpass valerian. Indications and dosage are the same.

The Baikal skullcap is considered to be the most spectacular soothing grass. He is able to fight even with acute and chronic cases of nervous tension. Moreover, he relieves pain. The Baikal skullcap is shown with strong excitability, accompanied by tremor and hypersensitivity of the peripheral nerves. The tincture is prepared for alcohol (70%, 1: 5). Dosage for dogs is slightly less than for humans. It is from 5 to 20 drops (by weight) twice a day.

Veterinary pharmacies have special demand for sedatives "Cat Bajun" and "Fifyx", which are based on the above-mentioned valerian and motherwort. The dosage for each dog is different depending on the weight and nature (strength) of the anxiety (read the instruction).For dogs

All the listed means are applied only if actually necessary (not for prevention and not "just in case"). The effect is noticeable after half an hour after administration (sometimes later). Accordingly, if you know for sure that the stress for your pet is inevitable, give one of these drugs in advance (per hour) - and the dog will carry the excitement much easier.

However, let us recall once again: the preparation that approached one dog may not have an effect on another. In addition, some components can lead to an allergic reaction. In that case, it's better to try something else.

If there is no effect at the maximum allowable dosage, do not increase the dose. Discard this tool and try a new one.

Soothing for dogs is not used after anesthesia surgery. It is inadmissible and a combination of soothing herbs with antidepressants or sedatives.

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