What is the color of New Year 2019?

The New Year has immutable traditions that each of us tries to follow. We decorate a Christmas tree, decorate our house, set a festive table and, of course, choose a festive attire. These attributes of the New Year's holiday may vary depending on which animal, according to the Chinese horoscope, will be a symbol of the coming year.

The 2019th will be held under the sign of the Yellow Earthen Pig. It completes a 12-year circular cycle, which means that the celebration should be held in a big way, with all the requirements; Pigs must be respected.

According to legend, those who cater to this animal on New Year's Eve, all 365 days will be accompanied by financial luck. So what's to celebrate the New Year 2019 so that the pig is satisfied?

New Year's dress 2019

Fashion trends evening dresses to celebrate the New Year

First of all, you need to decide in what color to meet the 2019 year. The key words in the name of the symbol of the new year are “yellow” and “earthy”. Consequently, it is precisely these shades that should be preferred. In the trend - natural colors, which include:

  • brown;
  • green;
  • yellow.
Yellow New Year's dress for 2019Cream dress is not a new 2019 yearGolden Christmas dress 2019Gorgeous Christmas dress 2019

Fashion stylists recommend a trendy shade of yellow "spiced mustard." This is a gorgeous, rich and exotic color that adds chic and charisma to the bright New Year's look. Also an excellent alternative to yellow will be gold, which will make a woman a star of the New Year's party. You can opt for red, blue, purple or orange. Always in trend nude shades, as well as classical achromatics: white, gray and black.

However, choosing a dress in such a color scheme, remember that natural shades should be used in the ensemble at least in the form of accents.

New Year's outfit should be chic, and it is not only about the dress. You can choose a stylish jumpsuit, trend trousers and even trendy shorts, as long as every detail of the New Year's set is thought out.

New Year's outfit in gold colorBrilliant New Year's dress for 2019Stylish yellow dress to celebrate the New YearFashionable yellow jumpsuit 2019

How to celebrate the New Year?

An evening dress with a fluffy skirt, the length of which may vary depending on the situation, will be a great choice for a meeting of the New Year. So, at a celebration in a restaurant, you can safely wear a maxi dress with a long train, in which you will resemble a princess from a fairy tale.Remember that the priority is yellow, but other shades mentioned above can be used.

Evening dress for the 2019 meetingFashionable dress in nude tonesNew Year's Outfit 2019How to celebrate the New Year 2019

For a home party, a more charming baby dress, A-line, with multi-layered skirts will be more appropriate.

Christmas dress A-lineShort dress in puffy skirtsCocktail dress for the New Year 2019

A little black dress in Coco Chanel style is better to be put off for other occasions, but if you are madly in love with both color and style, then try to choose a model from black velvet or guipure, embroidered with gold threads on the shoulders, hem, at the neckline. Gold jewelry will make the image harmonious and complete.

Christmas dress in blackBlack new year dressChanel Christmas dressLittle black dress

What else can be met in 2019 Pigs? Women who aspire to always be in trend, but at the same time appreciate comfort above all, can buy a jumpsuit especially for this reason. Naturally, not denim. The thing should look expensive, so the preferred textures should be:

  1. silk;
  2. chiffon;
  3. brocade;
  4. leather.

The overalls can be both monophonic, and printed. The most popular ornaments are floral and floral. But from the predatory animal print is better to give up.

The bright yellow chiffon model with wide transparent legs and romantic embroidery will look great.Creative girls who love to be the center of attention, fit tight leather jumpsuit. Bright, shiny accessories complete the look.

Fashionable jumpsuits in 2019Overalls for New Year 2019Stylish pink jumpsuitFashionable image for the New 2019

An alternative to overalls can be pants. For the solemn event the best option will be the palazzo. It should be borne in mind that this thing is self-sufficient and should be the main part of the image, so you can pick up the top more calm. It will be good to look with wide trousers, for example, a crop-top of a contrasting shade. High heel is required.

Fashion trousers 2019

For an informal event, you can use shorter, tight, light or red pants. You can mix them with printed tunics, bright tops with sparkling décor, romantic blouses with frills and ruffles, or even a regular T-shirt.

Beautiful female image for the new 2019 yearTrousers and blouse 2019Bright trousers for 2019

The hot trend of 2019 - curvy items in clothing. This is not only a skirt, but also a sleeve. Lush lanterns or sleeves with voluminous frills look festive and elegant. Asymmetrical models of dresses and blouses are relevant, in which lush decor adorns only one shoulder, while the other remains open. At the same time, it must be remembered that the thicker the sleeve, the calmer and easier the bottom of the product should be.Otherwise, the outfit will look lurid and heavy.

Sleeves-lanterns 2019Dress for New Year's celebrationHoliday dresses in discreet colorsBright and fashionable dresses for the New Year

A win-win for New Year's Eve is a white blouse. In order not to cause an association with a teacher or secretary, look for an unban model of complex cut, decorated with expensive decor - lace or transparent chiffon inserts, with an original bold neckline. You can wear this spectacular thing with black leather shorts or trousers, a red pencil skirt, a long skirt with a high slit, seductively opening the leg.

Fashionable white blouseWhite blouse and festive bowElegant classic blouseFashionable image of 2019

Now you need to think about the other elements of a stylish image - hair, makeup, nail art.

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