What is the number of the Assumption post in 2019

Fasting is a great opportunity to test your will and test your faith for strength. Every year, many Orthodox Christians go through several posts at once. Such activities suggest restrictions in the diet, lifestyle.

Also during the posts you need to monitor your spiritual peace and faith. These limitations help a person to be spiritually enlightened.

In addition, this food helps to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. But not always - if you have problems with the digestive system, you should consult your doctor before starting a fast.

Assumption post - one of the most famous in the Orthodox calendar. It is held in the summer. Despite the great limitations, the Assumption fasting is not very difficult and, if desired, can be sustained without exerting excessive effort.

When does the Dormition Fast begin in 2019

Unlike Lent, Ouspensky has a fixed start and end date.This is due to the fact that Lent begins and ends differently depending on when the holiday of Easter is in a particular year.

Easter every year falls on different spring days. Accordingly, Lent begins every year on different dates.

Assumption fasting tied to the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This holiday is celebrated on the same date every year, August 28th.

Ouspensky fasting should prepare believers for this holiday, and therefore it starts a little earlier. Thus, in 2019, the Assumption Fast will begin on August 14 and will last until the 27th of the same month.

Features of the Assumption post

As mentioned above, during this event it is recommended to observe sufficiently strict restrictions for yourself. In particular, you need to abandon most of the usual food.

The calendar of the fast is distributed in such a way that on some days you have to eat raw food at all: you cannot cook food. In the remaining days, some rules and products are added - sometimes you can cook food, and sometimes even add oil.

what date is the Uspensky post in 2019

In general, this is a harsh diet. Most Orthodox posts are inferior in severity to Ouspensky.Even more severe restrictions apply only during Lent.

However, it is a very difficult event, for which you need to prepare for a long time. By the way, in the Orthodox calendar there are special preparatory weeks that prepare a person for Lent. Why these are not provided for Ouspensky?

First, the Assumption fast does not last too much - only two weeks. Secondly, in fact there is nothing terrible in it. Its relative lightness is caused by seasonality.

In the summer there is a huge amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. The markets appear grapes, watermelons, melons. Therefore, the diet can be very tasty. Yes, meat, fish and dairy products can not be consumed. But with the rest you can come up with a lot of delicious dishes.

Day food calendar

August post Assumption

Even the most severe Orthodox posts are designed in such a way that a person receives the required amount of nutrients.

At the same time, their use is limited, because a Christian should feel his deprivations. To maintain balance, a special calendar was introduced to regulate the use of food during the Assumption Fast.

  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday maximum limits are introduced. On these days, the church is allowed to eat only raw food. For these days it is worth stocking up recipes for different salads.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays are allowed to eat boiled food. However, vegetable oil can not be added to it.
  • On weekends, the person is given the opportunity to take a break from deprivation. It is allowed to add boiled butter to food. You can also afford wine in reasonable quantities.

fast food day by day

It is worth noting that the Transfiguration of the Lord is celebrated on August 19. On this day, you can allow to add to the diet not only vegetable oil and wine, but even fish.

On August 28, you can begin breaking the fast — on this and the following days, all restrictions are lifted. However, in some monasteries there is a rule that if the Assumption falls on Wednesday or Friday, breaking the fast is carried over to the next day. On a holiday of "forbidden" products you can eat only fish.

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary implies the end of her earthly life. It is believed that it was on August 28 (in a new style) that she left the Earth and ascended to heaven.

According to the Gospel, the Mother of God lived for another 15 years after the death of her son in Jerusalem. She took care of and supported the apostles. Often enough, she uttered prayers to God, in which she asked to take her quickly.

the beginning of the Uspensky post in 2019

One day she was praying on a mountain called the Olives. And at that moment the Archangel Gabriel appeared before her.

Holding the date branch in his hand, he informed the Virgin Mary that in 3 days her earthly existence would come to an end. The Mother of God rejoiced, but she wanted to say goodbye to the apostles. God fulfilled this desire.

When the hour came for the death of the Virgin, the whole room was lit up with a bright light. Thus, the Lord himself and all the angels descended from heaven to take away Mary’s soul. The apostles buried her body next to Joseph. There were many miraculous healings at the funeral.

Thus, the Assumption fasting, despite strict dietary restrictions, is a good way to test your faith, which will suit even unprepared. A short period and an abundance of suitable products will help to go through this test.

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