What is the Red Pine: location and history

In the article we will talk about what is RedPine. In detail all questions about this place will be disassembled, and its location and origin will also be described. That's why those who are interested simply have to read this article to the end.


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Red pine is a street in modern Moscow. However, this was not always the case. Prior to this, it was just a large holiday village where small houses with the same small household plots of land were located. Still some 50 years ago the Red pine was one of the most favorite places of Muscovites, where it was possible to grow fresh vegetables to the table, plant fruit trees and flowers. In addition, in Red Pine it was possible to spend the weekend, being outdoors surrounded by a stunningly beautiful nature, to rest from the hustle and bustle of the never-sleeping capital. Now the former holiday village Krasnaya Pine Moscow simply swallowed up, and at the moment it has turned into one of the most developing and developing areas in the city.


red pine history

And it is located behind the Severyaninsky overpass and stretches from the north-east to the south-west for almost 2 km on both sides of the lively Yaroslavl highway on the north-eastern outskirts of Moscow.

Today, the former holiday village occupiesa significant part of the Yaroslavl region of the capital and is actively developing, expanding its borders through numerous new buildings. West side of the street rests on the 38th Babushkinsky microdistrict, where it runs along the railway line in the direction of the Yaroslavl Station-Pushkino.

The southeastern side of the Red Pine is bordered bya picturesque forest of the Yauza forest park zone, which also houses the Severyaninskaya industrial territory No. 52. The current street belongs to the Northeast Administrative District of Moscow and consists of 4 lines, although before there were 18.

What is this street?

Red pine, not without reason, it is quite possiblea place of striking contrasts. Here, the bright, almost virgin nature adjoins the huge industrial enterprises and modern buildings that do not spoil this unusual coloring.

The southern outskirts of the street literally drown inemerald green of the pine forest of the Yauza forest park, which is a great place for rest and hiking. Even more attractive for this is the territory of Losiny Island, a forest tract, which is the nature conservation area of ​​the capital and one of its natural treasures. It's just an irreplaceable place where you can have a great time with the whole family or, on the contrary, wander around with well-groomed forest paths, have plenty to enjoy peace and fix your thoughts.

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On the other hand, the Red Pine in Moscowis now considered the most rapidly developing area. Currently, 74 large trading, financial, construction and other companies are located on it. Among them we can also mention architectural workshops, the Geodesic Agency, the Bureau of Independent Evaluation and many others involved in a wide range of services.

In addition, there are 16 car dealerships,including the official dealer "Avtovaz" "Severyanin-AvtoVAZ", Publishing and Polygraphic College. I. Fedorova, ZAO NPO "Garant", known throughout the CIS literary publishing house "Veche". And what is especially noteworthy, Krasnaya Pine Street became the place where a woodworking enterprise is located, working with the orders of the Moscow Union of Artists.

Infrastructure and services

The main transport artery of the Red Pine,providing the communication with other areas of Moscow, the uninterrupted delivery of goods, the filling of outlets with necessary goods, of course, is the Yaroslavl highway. But due to the large-scale building of the street every year it becomes more and more busy. Of course, there are as yet no such problems as in the central districts of the capital, but periodically they arise. However, Yaroslavl highway has alternatives in the form of railway stations "Severyaninskaya" and "Losinoostrovskaya", in addition, more recently, two metro lines "VDNKH" and "Sviblovo" were brought to the street, so there simply are no problems with transport and service.

History of Red Pine

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Now it is clear what the Redpine, the history of it, though not rich in events, but more than a hundred years. The appearance of its present street is due to the growth of the then imperial capital. The first buildings here arose in 1911. These were country houses of wealthy Muscovite merchants, industrialists, representatives of the nobility.

But after October revolution the earth for countrysites began to be allocated to cultural workers, health workers and ordinary workers. In just a few years, by 1920, the holiday village had grown to such an extent that it could be considered a separate settlement, although administratively it was listed as Losinoostrovsky. Initially, the village was called Rostokino, in 1939 it was renamed Babushkin, and already under the name of Red Pine in 1960 it became an integral part of the Russian capital.

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