What to do if thuja turned yellow after winter.

Thuis are among the finest evergreens that create landscape design. They can be used to create a hedge in the country, grown in flower beds or in flowerpots, create coniferous compositions. Many gardeners love thuja. Green thuja pleases us all year round.

It happens that after the winter, her needles change color. They may turn yellow or turn black. If thuja turned yellow after winter what to do? There are various reasons why the thuja has turned yellow after winter. We will tell about all of them so that you can avoid them or take the right measures to restore and care for thuja in time.

Why did the thuja turn yellow after winter?

  1. Spring burn.A young plant is particularly sensitive to the changing seasons. Therefore, the spring sun can damage the needles. It will turn yellow or fall off. Avoiding it will help proper care for thuja after winter.
  2. Excess moisture.From him the roots of thuja are soaked. From this, its greens turn yellow and mold can appear on the branches.He can come for two reasons. The first is high groundwater. The second is the stagnation of water due to heavy precipitation.
  3. Surplus fertilizer.Their excess amount simply burns the roots of the thuja, so the needles turn yellow. Therefore, it is important not only to decide how to feed the thuja after winter, but also strictly adhere to the recommended norms.
  4. Alkaline soil.
  5. Pests and diseases.Fusarium is a fungus that infects thuja. With its defeat, the root system also suffers. The infected part of the trunk becomes dark brown. Thuja pseudo shield - pest that causes yellowing of the plant. At the same time yellow specks gradually increase in size.

Thuja yellowed after winter what to do?

  1. Preventing spring burn is shading plants. You can use any lightweight material for this. For example, mosquito nets or gauze. Shelter tui relies in February. If it was not possible to avoid burns, then the plants should be watered with warm water. At the same time use any biostimulator. In the warm summer period it is recommended to trim the yellow branches.
  2. If the thuja has turned yellow after winter from stagnation of water, then careful loosening of the soil around the stem of the plant will help. After that, Tui is supposed to be treated with an antifungal drug.In a situation where the groundwater is too high, only a transfer to another place can help.
  3. If the soil on the site is characterized as normal, it is recommended to apply fertilizer only twice a year. Use for this spring allowed rotted manure. And in the fall - fresh, but diluted with water in the ratio of 1 to 5.
  4. When deciding how to care for thuja after winter, one should not miss the nuance with the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. Thuja prefers to grow in weakly and weakly acidic land. Therefore, the test for acidity must be done. Peat helps to acidify the soil, and it is possible to increase the alkalinity with the help of lime.
  5. Strongly affected by the thuya fusarium fungus to be destroyed. But if the disease has just begun to develop, then the plant should be treated in April-May with DNOCa solution. From the thuja affected by the shielding, it is necessary to remove all dry leaves and twigs. Then process them with Rogor or Oxyhom. Preventing the spread of pests is the use of Bordeaux mixture in the spring.

Thuja turned black after winter

The most common cause of this phenomenon is animal feces.From them darken those areas of needles, which fall urine of dogs or cats. A characteristic feature is the chaotic arrangement of dark spots.

If the defeat is extensive, then this fuse is no longer salvaged. But with a small lesion, you can help the plant recover. First, rinse the branches with clean water. Then create fences around the landings to limit their access to the Tuis. After that, it remains only to feed them with growth promoters.

How to reanimate thuja after winter?

Covered in the winter thuyu should not immediately reveal the sun. It is recommended to perform it gradually. On the first day, thuja can be open for two hours. Then gradually increase the time spent in the sun. Some experts advise installing special sun shields on the south side of the plant.

In how to restore thuja after winter, feeding is timely. For this purpose, suitable urea, calcium or ammonium nitrate. Moreover, experienced gardeners recommend the use of slow-acting drugs.

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