What to take to the hospital?

It is necessary to prepare in advance forthe necessary things in the hospital were carefully selected. A single list does not exist on this account, but there is an optimal set that should be used. Superfluous things "just in case" only bring inconvenience, so you need to think in advance about what to take to the hospital, take into account all the details. For convenience, the list needs to be divided into groups, according to their purpose: documents, initial package upon admission, package to the delivery room, postpartum package.

1. Documents include a passport, an exchange card. If joint births are provided, then a husband's passport, his test scores are needed. You also need to have small money with you.

2. At the checkpoint all are required to change into special clothes for staying directly inside the maternity home. First you need to worry about the maternity shirt, preferably cotton. It should be convenient for feeding, that is, have straps or a large neckline. A necessary attribute is a comfortable robe. Its quality depends on the time of year. Mandatory are rubber washable slippers. My husband also needs clean, replaceable clothes.

3. In the delivery room you will need disposable diapers (the package does not hurt). It is necessary to take also a liter bottle of mineral still water. Do not forget about toilet paper and a towel. For the newborn, the following clothes are necessary: ​​a diaper, a little man, a hat.

4. In the postnatal package, you must first of all put the small money, which will certainly be needed, and more than once. Night shirts can be put two pieces with a fastener in front or with a deep cut (for ease of feeding). You will need two bras, but you should take into account the fact that the breast with milk intake can increase by a couple of sizes, so the fabric should be picked up as far as possible. One-time panties need to grab pieces of five.

What to take to the hospital? Gaskets are an indispensable attribute. And most effective in this case, use not ready for use (that is, purchased), and homemade, because they are softer and the skin does not irritate. In addition, when they are used, the amount of postpartum excreta is visible, which is very important for the health worker. Do not interfere and packages for garbage.

To visit the shower, you also need to allocate a separatepackage with pre-prepared funds. It includes shampoo, shower gel, loofah, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, soap and a towel.

Do not forget about the cosmetic bag and everything about it.including dry deodorant, hair clips, hairbrush. It is necessary to have a mirror, because a woman should always look as attractive and well-groomed as possible, regardless of the circumstances, even temporary ones. We need to take care of a special anti-inflammatory cream for the nipples.

It is also necessary to have a package for eating. It includes a plate, a large and a teaspoonful, a fork, a knife, a cup. Here you can put sugar, salt, tea.

What you need to take to the hospital still, so this mobilephone, it is possible with the camera (or camera), so as far as possible to fix unique moments. For written communications, relatives should have a pen and a notebook at hand.

Now you know what to take to the hospital. But you should think about how to make your presence in the maternity hospital more diverse. To do this, you can grab a magazine, a book or take care of easy, pleasant music.

Now we need to elaborate on the fact thattake to the hospital for a newborn. This list includes wet wipes, liquid baby soap, packing diapers, three flannel diapers. It is also necessary to put three thin caps, mittens-scratches, two pairs of socks.

And the last thing you need to have is a set for discharge. It includes festive clothing and a beautiful envelope.

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