When Halloween is in 2019

No matter how many snobs the traditionalists would have, as well as figures from religion in Russia, that this holiday is alien and harmful to morality for us, no matter how many maligning arguments against it are used, such as the fact that Halloween is artificially imposed on us, the practice proves that people their opinion is deeply indifferent.

Every year, the Day of All Saints calls under its banners all new adepts - young, free-spirited, with missing complexes, but with tons of humor and creativity. And this, you see, is truly great, because specifically our country has something, and even stiffness, narrow-mindedness and parochialism, and so is more than enough - I really want something higher than that.

Moreover, in fact, no matter how angry the spiteful critics are, the native Slavs of our lands do not just have Halloween close - it’s here, and really, like a native. Suffice it to recall the night of Veles - the night from October 31 to November 1, when Chernobog finally takes Kolo of the year from Belobog, nights when the Gate of Navi will be thrown wide open to the very first roosters, and all evil will tear to the outside.

But at the same time, great brave souls will be able to scare her away at that time ... The absolute kinship of the many ancestral cultures of the Slavs and peoples of Europe, their beliefs, demonstrates one more meaning of this holiday here, and there, like it can cross the fine line of the Gates, go back to the descendants, to bless, to teach the mind.

So, celebrating Halloween, we do not just join the single, extraordinary cheerful and free impulse of the entire planet - we also recall our roots, echoing the rituals that were practiced on this earth thousands of years before us. Well, well, let's try to fantasize how it will be best to furnish in 2019 ...

Getting ready for Halloween!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll have a noisy costume party at your home, go to a club for a thematic show, or celebrate the worst night of the year with your closest friends - you have to be prepared very carefully, believe me. And as it is known, in order to achieve success in this, one must remember about the three most important “whales”: the entourage, the table and the costumes.

Halloween in 2019

Regarding the first, the ready-made Halloween decorations are swept off the store shelves long before the “X” date, but many, with correctly growing hands, creatives cut in the DIY mode and do everything with their own hands: who organizes a mini-cemetery with gravestones and tombs in the corner of the hall who have blood-drenched surgical halls with picturesquely scattered, eerie-looking instruments and body parts in the rooms ...

In short, there can be a lot of ideas for decorating the premises - it all depends on the subject of the party, the capabilities of the owners of the house and the specifics of the premises. But, they are all related to the traditional and so charming Jack-o-Lantern - the original pumpkin carving stuffed with candles, which, as well as his fellows, painted with all the techniques and decorated in other ways, decorate the whole space of the house.

As for the festive table, the housewives try with might and main: after all, it’s important not just to prepare a lot so that the guests do not go hungry (do you imagine the starving zombie? This is actually another sight ...), but also to decorate the dishes in a party style. What is the only thing that they don’t make up ... And cupcakes in the form of graves, and skull cakes, and cookies - chopped off fingers, and sausages in dough - mummies ... And what cocktails can you see on the tables ...

festive table

Only on Halloween, having served in an old cauldron a punch of poisonous green, emanating from the smoke from dry ice, you can get enthusiastic applause from the public. Not to mention all there "Bloody Mary" in syringes and other delights.

It is clear to all this, it is fitting to choose the appropriate dress code, especially since Halloween costumes are a truly inexhaustible and insanely interesting topic.

Fashion for Halloween costumes in 2019

best halloween images in 2019

In fact, the theme of parties, and, accordingly, the costumes for them largely depend on the current trends of pop culture. Therefore, it will be logical to expect another surge of interest in the zombie theme from 2019 (several sequels of cult games and TV shows on this topic are released), as well as to the costumes in the Universal Monster Universe (sensational announcements of the return of Frankenshtenians, films with Dracula, Wolfman, Tvrie Black Lagoon, Invisible Man and Mummy).

Therefore, if you wear something from this list, you will not be mistaken. In this case, the costumes can be crafted by yourself, you can rent them in the studio and in the respective communities, or you can buy them ready-made.Of course, if you do not want to subsequently find yourself in the same room with your mirror image, it is better to follow the first path. Especially since, in fact, it is not so difficult as it seems at first glance.

Ideas for Halloween costumes

Each costume for this holiday implies reincarnation into a certain character, in other words - a kind of cosplay as much as possible.

If the image does not imply a completely hidden face, consider whether you have enough make-up talents to transform it sufficiently. In the case when there are doubts on this point, it is better to use the corresponding mask, good, a great many are now being sold.

Otherwise, each character has its own characteristics, and then we will try to consider them separately for each of the common images.


mummy costume

Perhaps the most simple to implement costume. It is enough to boil a bunch of pre-unwound bandages in strong tea (if you use brewed tea, you can not shake off tea cups, it will be very similar to grave rubble), and wrap them with a dark-colored makeup before that more likely).

In the case of leotards, bandages for a fortress can be fixed in several places with threads so as not to crawl, and if they are wound on a naked body, use glue for body art for the same purpose. It is important to completely wrap up and head, leaving narrow slits for the eyes and mouth (to heighten the effect, you can insert red lenses - it looks amazing!). Also for the entourage, you can sew or glue several dummies of grave worms, scarabs, lizards and other living creatures (sold in children's educational sets of animals) anywhere on the bandages, as well as hang around the neck, for example, a chic large bijouterie with a huge pseudo-precious stone, an ankh etc.


idea of ​​the image of Count Dracula

It will be a bit more difficult to turn into a charming zubastik, but for those who are friends with a sewing machine - it’s just time to spit.

The main attributes of this character are, of course, characteristic teeth (you can buy false teeth with them in any store of jokes), a spectacular cloak (a clean black shiny one will do, and a scarlet underlay - so it will be even more stylish) with a high collar and The dandy style of past centuries, of course, is similar in black and red or black and white.Scarlet lenses here will also come in handy ...

You can search for a ready-made blouse, or simply sew lace at the throat and neckline to a regular silk shirt - it will turn out to be a jabot, and you can also decorate the cuff area with them. Trousers, to be honest, you can take any black semi-fitting from the wardrobe. But with a coat, of course, it will be more difficult - to convert an ordinary jacket into it is too problematic, so there really is better to look for it ready, or to rent it.

The easiest way, as we have already noted, to needlewomen with a raincoat is any piece of black silk fabric on a lining or a similar semi-gloss color, without a pronounced pattern, smooth leather with a high collar (for rigidity between two layers of fabric it is good to put a piece of cardboard cut to size or plastic ).

Well, of course, the aristocratic pallor induced by the make-up and pronounced “bruises” around the eyes, as well as the traditional ring with a red ruby, complete the image. Ideally, of course, to memorize a few words in Romanian, but this is for aesthetes ...


Halloween zombie look in 2019

With these costumes, the easiest way is for those who have stumbled around somewhere (well, if inherited from the parents of the first parents) things.They need to be thoroughly torn, smashed the edges, and smeared with all possible enthusiasm. Of course, not in the mud, but in the corresponding paint ...

Then all this is put on a well-smeared body (white-brown-green-blue gamma) and the physiognomy is also “decorated”. Hair should also be smeared in the same as clothes, thoroughly combed and left in artistic chaos. Well, and work, of course, on a blunt and distorted facial expression, as well as a kosokovoy gait.

By the way, you can give free rein to the imagination and make various zombie images: drowned bride, hanged and executed in other ways, modern - like "28 days later", or in old costumes a la 17-18 century, etc.


frankenstein costume

This image, perhaps, can be called the most difficult of all, since it will take a long time to work on the costume. First, you need to learn to realistically draw dead man’s skin on open areas of the body (although you can search for sales, ready-made makeup kits - there are pieces of skin that simply need to be joined with thick thick threads and then glued to the body in the right places).

The clothes of Frankenstein, as we remember from the film, were plain: some old, again stained and slightly torn coat, something dark and fairly loose, baggy under the bottom - and the base is ready. You can leave significant gaps in it to heighten the effect (as after the scene of a fight with angry villagers, for example), and under them you can attach artificial or natural skin to the body as described above.

Rough big shoes, a characteristic bang in front, and a special skull, as if cut from above, are similar to the means of make-up, and the character will turn out great.

Timeless classics

image of the clown Penny

In addition to these monsters, you can try to revive a number of bestsellers, which are now, though not at the peak of popularity, in the people are still loved and recognizable. We are talking about, for example, the old Freddy Krueger, the costume for which usually consists of a characteristic striped green-red, dirty and burnt sweater, leather hat, The Same Gloves with blades and a mask with a burnt face.

Or about the darling clown Pennyvayze - you have to buy or sew a clown outfit, a red disheveled wig and paint the face accordingly.

You can also recall the simplest in the implementation of a nun / monk in a long robe with a hood, belt-chain, cross on the chest or with some satanic sign and an ominous type of rosary (as a variation - death with a scythe, for which you need to learn to draw on the face make-up skull), and even about Samara Morgan from the “Bell”. For the latter, you will need a romantic white, but rather worn-out and wet dress, a black wig with straight black hair combed over your face and a pale make-up on the whole body. If such a dress is blue, adding to it a white apron and striped stockings, we get the evil Alice the Madness.

And you can simply, as they say, not to bother, and reincarnate in any cinematic or book character - absolutely not necessarily scary. At least in some Marvel superhero, at least in the hero of "Alice from Wonderland" or Disney fairy tales.

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