When the birthday of Oleg? Oleg's birthday after the church calendar

Oleg's birthday is on 3 October according to the church calendar. On this day it is customary to congratulate men wearing this glorious name. Let's look at this in more detail.

The patron saint of Oleg

birthday of OlegPrince Bryansky with the same name was ranked among the saints for a deep unshakable faith, which he devoted all his life. By right of inheritance, he had to reign in his possessions. But he considered that service to the Lord required from him a different matter. He founded the Bryansk monastery. There he spent his life as a monk. He is remembered 3 October, so the date of the birthday of Oleg falls on this day. The feat of the prince was that he could give up power and all the relevant privileges. In the thirteenth century, this was completely atypical and even incomprehensible for others. To leave a high post and become a simple monk is a decisive act. Therefore, Oleg's birthday-days are considered a holiday of a gentle, but persistent person, capable of acting with a capital letter. The saint was convinced that physical blessings do not have such value as spiritual goods. Therefore, the monastery was erected at its own expense.

When did they start celebrating Oleg's birthday?

birthday of Oleg in the church calendarSaint began to read with 1900 year. Initially, the decision was made by the city of Bryansk. The Duma declared October 3 a non-trading day. In those days, the holidays did not do any business. In 1903, the day of the memory of Prince Bryansky entered the months of the Russian saints. Since then Oleg's name day is celebrated. It must be said that the relics of the saint, which are now in the monastery, were saved from desecration at the beginning of the 30s. Then the churches were destroyed, the very concept of faith was destroyed. Naturally, such a relic as holy relics could have been lost forever. From the times of unbelief and distemper hid them in Vvedensky temple. At the same time, the people who participated in the “operation” vowed not to reveal secrets to anyone. Only in 1995, the secret was revealed. The holy relics were returned to believers.


Conscripts of Bryansk were instructed to address the holy relics. Young men ask for blessing for military service. In addition, any person whose fate is connected with the military service, can come to the temple for advice or spiritual support. Saint Oleg is considered the patron of the military. Before monasticism, he himself took part in military campaigns and accomplished many feats, becoming famous for his courage and courage.

What does the name Oleg mean?

Angel Day (name day) is usually celebrated with gifts. But to pick upoleg the day of the angel's birthdayit is necessary to know what a person will like. Let's see how it is best to celebrate Oleg's birthday. It was believed that the so-called simple, reliable and loyal person. Means name: light or sacred. At the same time, these qualities are increasingly manifested with age. Therefore, Oleg will be pleased with simple congratulations, but with pure sense; gifts - cozy, functional, without overtones. For example, you can just try to imagine, what would the saint rejoiced? Oleg, whose birthday you celebrate, most likely, will be grateful for such a gift.

How to congratulate?

The birthday of Oleg falls on the autumn day. Often it is gloomy and cloudy. Therefore, it is desirable to make a few bright, joyful notes in their words, addressed to thisholy oleg"Light" person. Oleg are often not pessimists. But their silent calm can be perceived as a reluctance to communicate. This is not true. Give him a bit of your cheerfulness and find a true friend. In congratulations, try a few sincere words to express the depth of your respect (or love). Verbose ornate messages are unlikely to impress Oleg. He likes short, but open words. Consider that Oleg is a person who is always in doubt. Neither the word of congratulation nor the gift should push him to reflect on their true meaning. When compiling the text of the postcard, consider Oleg's innate intelligence and the desire for diversity. A loved one with that name can be given products from amethyst or tourmaline. These are his stones that will help cope with imperfections. A developing toy can be a good gift to little Oleg. It should be borne in mind that the boy is prone to alien influence. He should try to distract
ь from bad companies. The best means is to occupy his mind. Oleg has enough imagination and logic. It will definitely carry away a new gadget or an intricate puzzle.

How can Oleg contact his patron?

Angel Day is the best time to talk with your saint. Oleg is recommended to pray that the Higher Powers help him overcome the inborn deficiencies. So, all people with this name consider themselves above others. This quality is almost always unpleasant for others. Therefore, the request for the bestowal of kindness and patience will always be appropriate and timely for him. Feeling your superiority over others is an excellent trait, but you do not always need to demonstrate it so clearly. It is not in vain that Oleg Bryansky became famous for his meekness. The behavior of a saint can become an example for his namesake and through many centuries. Oleg is successful in business. Usually the Angel protects him in this. If there are periods of stagnation or decline, the best way to establish a business will bedate of birthday olegspiritual communion with your saint. A little stop the run of events, take a look at your behavior on Angel Day.

Interesting Gift Ideas

For the beloved Oleg, you can choose what will symbolize his name. The animal is a snake. If you know your Oleg well, then you will agree that there is something serpentine in his habits. Of course, not everyone will accept a live snake as a gift, but such a talisman can be presented. It will be both original and “with meaning”. Plant lovers can give camellia. She is also associated with the name Oleg. A modest flower can be not only a gift, but also a symbol of your relationship. In any case, he will remind Oleg of your feelings. His planet is Venus. With this concept, you can also dream up. Especially when your relationship is somewhat narrower than just friendly. Just do not give Oleg alcohol. It is not accepted on church holidays, and it will not bring benefit to a man.

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