When to plant petunia on seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar

There are three types of petunias: - bush (lush plants, but at the same time quite compact, often used to design borders, flower beds, rabatok) - cascading (grow in breadth and form a side lash)

- ampelous (they have sufficiently long falling lashes and are great for planting in hanging pots)

When to sow - favorable and unfavorable days of planting on seedlings

Strong healthy seedlings - the main condition for abundant and beautiful flowering of any plant, and petunias, including. Therefore, the seeds for seedlings must be sown properly and it is desirable to coordinate their actions with the lunar calendar, which has been used by many gardeners, gardeners and gardeners for a long time and successfully.

Considering the fact that strong seedlings appear after about two and a half - three months after sowing seeds, plant seedlings in the ground is necessary, at a time when the threat of night frost has passed. For different regions of our country, there are different dates for sowing flower seeds for seedlings.

South of Russia- we plant seeds from January to March

central Russia- late January to early March.

Siberian region- not earlier than mid-March.

landing calendar

The table shows the following dates:

  • especially favorable days for planting seeds - sowing recommended
  • conditionally favorable days - you can plant, but there is a probability (albeit small) to get not very strong seedlings
  • adverse days in which landing is not recommended

Remember that landing is absolutely impossible to do in the days of the new moon!

In February-April, the new moon falls on the following dates: February 16, March 17, April 16.

Planting petunias for seedlings in containers, tablets and cassettes

In order for the flowers of petunia to please the eye with its flowering, it is necessary to carefully approach each step of its growing algorithm. The first step is the selection of seeds.

Of course, this process will not be difficult for experienced gardeners and flower growers, but for beginners, basic knowledge of planting material selection is needed.

So what you need to do before buying seeds.

  1. To decide on the method of planting a plant in the ground - a flower bed, stationary pots, or structures, or hanging pots (the type of petunias depends on it - bush, cascade, ampelae).
  2. What we want to see in the end is a huge flower “cap,” just large flowers on a bush hanging from a whip.
  3. Decide on the color gamut of colors.
  4. Decide on the timing of flowering plants.
  5. To determine the type of seeds - ordinary or granular (the latter type requires abundant watering, but it is easier and easier to sow, as the petunia seeds are very small).

When buying seeds, be sure to pay attention to the shelf life of seeds.

What are the basic requirements for growing petunia seedlings? It is a lot of light and warm. Therefore, if you want to start growing the plant in February (or even at the end of January), then you should take care of additional lighting.

What soil is needed? The soil should be:

  • loose and light
  • moisture permeable

It is best to take the soil on a peat base, which can be purchased at the store or do it yourself. To do this, mix the same amount of sand and peat and double the amount of loamy soil.

The sand should be white or gray (sand of a reddish hue contains a large amount of iron compounds, which adversely affects the growth of plants).

The soil for petunias should be low acidity. If you do not know its acidity, you can add some ash or slaked lime there. When self-preparation of the soil, do not forget to get rid of pests that may be in it.

This can be done in several ways:

  • shed the soil with a solution of manganese
  • spill the soil with boiling water
  • ignite the soil in the pan (or in some other way)
  • disinfect the soil in the microwave (mix the soil with a small amount of water and put in the microwave for 5-6 minutes)

petunia seedlings

What to plant seeds? You can take containers, special pills or tapes. The depth of the container should be medium - from about 5 to 7 cm. You can buy them in the store or use containers that remain on the farm, for example, transparent and opaque trays from meat, semi-finished products or eggs.

So, the soil is ready, the containers are selected, we start planting seeds.

how to plant seeds

The landing algorithm in containers and cassettes is about the same.

  1. We fill the containers with soil (the soil should be soft, light, well moistened).
  2. Be sure to level the ground well.
  3. Carefully pour the seeds on the palm.
  4. We moisten a toothpick in water and gently take a seed (no matter if it is a simple seed or granulated).
  5. Place the seed on the ground surface.
  6. The distance between the seeds should be at least 5 cm.
  7. Close the container with the seeds of a transparent coating material.
  8. We remove the seed tray in a warm and bright place.

Important! Powder the seeds do not need! Covering material must always be transparent - petunia loves the light!

In the room where the tray was placed, a constant temperature of 25-30 degrees should be maintained. Sprouts hatch in about 5-10 days.

When to plant petunia on seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar

After the seeds have opened, open the lid. You can only open up if the temperature in the room is not very high. Thus, we begin to reduce the temperature, and harden the seeds.

Feed the plants during this period is not worth it. Top dressing can spur petunia seedlings to grow, which is not always good.

If during the growth of the plant you notice that the leaves have turned pale or the seedlings become strongly drawn, then the reason for this may be either a lack of light or food. Then a small dressing of seedlings is necessary.

In addition, additional lighting and artificial prolongation of the light period can correct the situation (it must be at least 16 hours).

Care of seedlings (watering, feeding, lighting, temperature)

As mentioned above, before seed seeding, leaving (watering, feeding) is not carried out. But as soon as the first shoots appeared, you need to carefully observe the growth of seedlings. The appearance of a dry crust on the surface of the ground is completely unacceptable, therefore, it is necessary to closely monitor the soil moisture. Watering the seedlings of petunias must be carefully and very carefully - the sprouts are very tender.

Watering seedlingswatering seedlings

We water with a syringe, a small baby syringe, or by spilling water along the edges of the seedling container or between the rows (if you planted in rows).

To do this, you can use a very simple device - a plastic bottle, in the cork of which a hole is made. You should not use the sprayer for watering only crooked shoots - you can damage the very young and weak seedlings.

It is not necessary to moisten the soil too much, otherwise very young shoots can be affected by a very unpleasant disease called “black leg”.

To feed the plant after sprouting or not - there is no consensus in this question for growers. Some argue that in the soil that is used for seedlings (especially if it is purchased) contains a sufficient amount of useful substances, and if the seeds are granulated, then in the shell they contain the right amount.

Subject to the rules of lighting, normal temperature and humidity of the plant will develop normally without additional feeding.

Some flower growers for carrying out early feeding. But both camps agree that if the seedlings are weak, have a pale color of the cotyledons, then fertilizing is necessary, just as it is necessary to increase the number of light hours.

Fertilizers for seedlings

For the first feeding choose fertilizer containing phosphorus and nitrogen. I’m not going to advise you on a specific view, because now there’s just a huge choice of fertilizers - you can take a comprehensive, or you can use special fertilizer for seedlings and even for seedlings of petunias. The photo shows several possible fertilizer options that can be used to feed seedlings.

When to plant petunia on seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar

How to conduct dressing.

  1. Dilute fertilizer according to the instructions.
  2. Water the seedlings in any way listed above.

The second time is the "feeding" of already grown up and grown (2-4 leaves) seedlings. This is what concerns root feeding. When the seedlings are already strong (20-25 days), you can sprinkle (foliar feeding) with diluted fertilizer. In the same period, and carried out picking seedlings.

From the general capacity (box) we transplant the already grown up petunia into separate, large in volume, capacities - we dive the seedlings.

Work with seedlings

The algorithm of this action is as follows.

  1. We fill containers (pots) with soil (the soil is soft, light and not dense).
  2. Carefully remove the seedlings from the tank with a clod of earth.
  3. Carefully divided into individual plants, while trying not to damage the root system, or the upper part of the plant.
  4. In the pot with the soil we make a hole (hole) in size as a lump of earth on the roots of seedlings.
  5. Put one plant in a pot with a hole and sprinkle it. We slightly tamp the soil in order to prevent the plant from “hanging out” in the soil. If necessary, you can add soil.
  6. Lightly tamping and always pour.
  7. Put the plants back in a warm and bright room.

After about 28–30 days, it is necessary once again to transplant the plants in a larger container (volume).

Why re-transplant? The fact is that the first 1.5-2 months the root system develops faster, and then vice versa - the leaves grow faster, and the roots slow down the growth rate.

Transplanting seedlings

In order to determine whether a transplant is needed or not, it is necessary to remove the plants from the pot and see its roots - if they have occupied most of the volume, then prepare new pots. In these pots, petunia will wait for its hour of disembarkation to a permanent "place of residence".

In addition, in them she can give the first flowers. Then it will be possible to see the color of flowers, and their size in reality (sometimes manufacturers give not very truthful information on sachets of seeds).

The transplant algorithm is the same as in the picking. But do not forget to leave room for water - do not fill the pot with primer all the way to the top.

When to plant petunia on seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar

At the same time, you can make and nip plants. Plants pinch at the moment when it actively began to grow upwards. Pinching stimulates the growth of lateral shoots and increases the number of flowers.How to make this procedure in the video, located below.

How and when to plant seedlings in open ground

Although the petunia plant is quite “patient” with respect to the temperature difference, it is worth planting it in open ground after the time of possible sudden frosts has passed.

Before choosing a seed, choose where and what will be decorated with the “princess of flowers” ​​(a petunia received such a respectful unofficial title).

When to plant petunia on seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar

In the photo you see petunia seedlings fully ready for planting in the ground.

Prepare the chosen place for the bed - dig, loosen and apply fertilizer (you can complex fertilizer, sand and peat). The distance between the bushes of seedlings depends on its type and type.

If the flowers are large, then in the flowerbed it should be about 25-30 centimeters, if small, the distance can be reduced to 15-20 centimeters.

When planting in hanging pots or large street pots, you can plant plants at a distance of 10-15 centimeters.

Petunia landing sites

Before planting, you should have a plan for arranging flowers according to the scheme (this scheme should be developed in advance). Using pegs and twine, mark up the flowerbed, make holes in the right places and start planting plants according to your idea.

To do this, carefully remove the plant from the pot.Do not damage the root system, the stem and the flower (often flowering plants are often planted in the ground).

Place the plant with a lump of earth in the prepared hole and lightly tamp the ground. After this, be sure to water the plant.

The algorithm of planting finished seedlings of petunia in the composition, hanging pots or stationary pots is about the same as transplanting grown seedlings into other containers, only larger containers (pots).

Flowerpots for flowers

Having chosen a suitable pot, start planting seedlings of petunias.

When to plant petunia on seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar

  1. Fill the pot or pots with primer.
  2. Make a hole suitable in size for the root system of the flower, along with a clod of earth.
  3. Carefully remove the flower and place it in the prepared hole.
  4. Lightly tamp the ground so that the plant does not falter and firmly "sit" in the ground.
  5. Water the planted plant.

Attention! Ampulnye varieties of petunia at first after planting in the ground or other permanent place of stay should be protected from the wind.

Petunia can be decorated with horizontal and vertical flower beds, planted in pots and used in original flower arrangements. See what splendor you can create using petunia!

blooming petunia

Indeed, petunia is called the “princess of flowers” ​​by right!

Video seedling care tips

Below is a video about how to care for a petunia, to get healthy flowers and to fully enjoy both the results of your labors and the beauty of the flowers that you have grown with your own hands.

And another interesting video about the breeding of petunia.

Successes you, in growing any flowers.

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