When to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2019

When planting tomatoes for seedlings in 2019 is an important issue for every gardener and gardener. Tomatoes are one of the most significant vegetable crops, and not a single plot of land can do without them. And for the excellent harvest of these tasty and beautiful vegetables, it is very important to accurately determine the optimal time for breeding their seedlings. It is best to do this according to the lunar calendar.


When to sow tomatoes for seedlings?

The lunar landing calendar recommends carrying out agricultural work, including landing, in accordance with the phases of the moon and its passage through the zodiacal constellations. Otherwise, the plants will not be strong and healthy.

When to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2019

In addition, before proceeding to the cultivation of seedlings, it is necessary to navigate with the term of ripening of tomatoes and their purpose:

  • Very early tomatoes are most often grown for sale and fresh consumption. Tomatoes of these varieties ripen very quickly, so the time of sowing can be attributed to the end of April or the beginning of May;
  • early varieties sown in March, at the very end;
  • later - before all at the end of February.

It is also extremely important to take into account regional climatic differences. In the suburbs, seeds for tomato seedlings are sown from the beginning to the end of March. Seedlings are usually planted in beds or greenhouses at the end of May. This is due to high humidity and frosts characteristic of this region.

In the Leningrad Region, due to the variability of the climate, the sowing of seeds for seedlings and their actual planting should be treated especially responsibly. To grow strong, healthy seedlings, tomato seeds are sown in mid-March. This guarantees that by mid-May the plants will be ready to move to a permanent place. According to the advice of the experienced, since the middle of May in the Leningrad region is warm and frost does not happen.

In Siberia, heat comes much later than in the European part of Russia, therefore, early varieties of tomatoes should be sown at the end of February. And although late varieties of tomatoes in Siberia are not grown very often, if desired, their seeds can be sown in early February. Mid-season tomatoes are sown in early March. Seedlings in Siberia most often planted in greenhouses or greenhouses.In the open ground - only in regions with a warmer climate - Altai, the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia.

When to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2019 according to the lunar calendar

When to plant tomatoes for seedlings for greenhouses and open ground?

Breeding seedlings significantly saves time and effort, which is especially important in the context of a rather short summer, typical of the whole of Russia.

The greenhouse, including the heated one, is a good helper to all Russian gardeners and gardeners. In the greenhouse you can plant not very developed and immature sprouts, not to mention healthy seedlings.

In a heated greenhouse you can plant plants of any period, which is very important if the house does not have the capacity for that. In a greenhouse without heating, tomato seedlings are transferred 55-65 days after sowing.

The term of the seedlings in 55-65 days is suitable for open ground, however, the transplantation of plants should be started only after the heat is established. Strong, healthy seedlings should be selected for planting.

Table of works and favorable days according to the lunar calendar for February 2019

Phase of the moon, zodiac sign Recommended work
1st of February Waning Moon, Capricorn Seed soaking
February 6 Growing Moon, Pisces Sowing, watering
February 7 Sowing, picking, watering, feeding
February 8 Sowing, feeding
12th of February Taurus Seed preparation, sowing
The 14th of February Twins Watering
25 February Waning Moon, Scorpio Pest Control
February 27 Capricorn Top dressing
28th of February Capricorn Top dressing

Favorable days for planting tomato seedlings in March 2019

Phase of the moon Zodiac sign
March 7 Waxing Crescent Fish
10th of March Taurus
11th of March
March 12
March 14th Twins
March 15th Cancer
March 16
March 19 Virgo
20th of March

Picking plants is best done on March 7, 10, 12.

Favorable days for transplanting seedlings to the greenhouse in April 2019

Phase of the moon Zodiac sign
April 2 Waning moon Fish
April 7 Waxing Crescent Taurus
April 8
11 April Cancer

Tomatoes, planted with the lunar phases, grow stronger, less sick. A seedling planted in a greenhouse, not only develops in favorable conditions, but is not so dependent on weather changes.

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