Where to meet the New 2018 in Russia

Today, more and more Russians prefer to spend the New Year holidays without leaving the country abroad. According to experts, in 2017 more than 40% of tourists booked domestic destinations, and the number of people willing to rest in the Crimea, Sochi, Veliky Ustyug will increase. Where to meet the New 2018 in Russia, so that your favorite holiday will leave unforgettable impressions?

Belokurikha, Altai Territory

The popularity of this city as a place ideally suited to celebrate the New Year is growing every day. Belokurikha is a prestigious resort, where you can not only have fun celebrating your favorite holiday, but also do some healing.

The attractiveness of the town gives not only a well-developed infrastructure, but also entertainment for every taste: aquatic centers, horseback riding, cable-way, excursions to resort areas, walking routes with different levels of complexity. There is no better place for families with children and people who want to improve their health, because Belokurikha is famous for sanatoriums, healing springs with thermal and nitrogen-siliceous water.

Fans of active recreation will be pleased to visit the ski resort “Grace” with five slopes, located on the mountain Tserkovka.

There are numerous restaurants, cafes, clubs. Prices are quite affordable: lunch at a restaurant in the city center will cost you 600-700 rubles. On the eve of the New Year, all pubs of the city are preparing entertainment shows, festive New Year's banquets, fireworks, performances by artists.

The most popular among tourists are the tourist complex “Siberian Compound”, the sanatorium “Katun” and “Altai West”, the hotel “Belovodye”. The average cost of a double room is 5-6 thousand rubles.


St. Petersburg

New Year is the best time to visit the northern capital. At this fabulous time in the city reigns a magnificent magical atmosphere, and the metropolis becomes unusually attractive. Even a simple walk through the streets, decorated with bright New Year lights, shining illuminations, immersed in the scent of pine needles, turns into a real pleasure.

The tradition of becoming the center of the celebration is Palace Square, where the beautiful Christmas tree dresses up, a huge screen is set up for easy viewing of the New Year's show, a skating rink is being poured in, and a grand New Year's show is taking place.

In St. Petersburg, a huge number of historical and architectural attractions - museums, palaces, monuments, temples. Attracted the attention of tourists numerous excursion programs.

Restaurants and clubs of St. Petersburg are preparing for the guests of the city fascinating shows, including a luxurious banquet, performances of artists or discos with a DJ. The cost of a festive dinner varies from 6 to 45 thousand rubles, depending on the prestige of the institution and its proximity to the Palace Square.

As for housing, there should be no problems with its rental. You can rent as an inexpensive hostel for 800 rubles, and you can stay in a four-star hotel, where spending New Year's Eve will cost around 7-10 thousand rubles.


The capital of Russia for the New Year attracts more and more tourists. New Year's holidays are held here widely and in a big way, the center of the celebration is Red Square, where the country's main Christmas tree is set, a fair and an ice rink work, an enchanting show with performances of Russian and foreign performers takes place, colorful fireworks are launched.

No less fun are the festivities at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, Gorky Park, on Poklonnaya Hill.

Those who wish to celebrate the New Year can comfortably do it in one of the many restaurants. The cost of visiting fashionable metropolitan clubs varies from 2.5 to 27 thousand rubles. For example, the entrance to the fashionable costume party in the style of the 60s in the Tutta La Vita restaurant on Bolshaya Ordynka costs only from 3.5 thousand rubles.St. Petersburg

Places with panoramic views of the night city, shining with illumination, retro parties and non-stop discos are very popular. Couples in love, as a rule, choose night cruises on the Moscow River to celebrate the New Year on board the ship.

Interesting excursions to sights, walks on snowmobiles, ice-skating, and skiing are organized for city guests. Most of the metropolitan museums are open to the public even on January 1st.

The range of housing for the New Year in Moscow is wide: from cheap hostels for 1000-1500 thousand rubles to elite hotels, where a double room will cost from 15 thousand.



New Year in the capital of Tatarstan is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the place where Russian and Tatar culture merge together, traditions, ancient culture and modern trends of the city, whose popularity is at its peak today.On New Year's Eve, tourists can observe Kazan in all its splendor, especially during this period, Baumana and Kremlevskaya streets sparkling with multi-colored lights. In all the central streets and squares of the city are installed Christmas trees, but the most important - in the park of the Millennium. Here are the most beautiful New Year's performances, fairs, fun contests, open-air disco.

New Year's holidays are a great way to get acquainted with the sights of the ancient city - the Kazan Kremlin, the monument to Musa Jalil, the Chak-Chuck Museum and many others.

The attention of tourists will attract an ice town with man-made figures and a slide. This place, located near the puppet theater "Eriyat", is a special attraction for the little guests of the city, where they can have fun from the heart.

Fans of outdoor activities will appreciate the huge ice rinks "Nefis ",“Tasma”, “Rocket”, numerous tourist bases, such as “Lebyazhye”, “Goluboye”, where guests are offered horseback riding and skiing, a Russian bathhouse, and tubing.

The cost of living in a three-star hotel - from 2100 rubles, a New Year's dinner in a good restaurant will cost an average of 5,000 rubles.



Friendly, light frost, white snow and clean air greets guests Karelia. During the New Year holidays, tourists can visit Karelian Father Frost, go on a trip to the White Sea, to Kizhi Island, to the Ruskeala mountain park, to the Kivach waterfall, to the marble canyon, to the Three Bears zoo complex, on excursions to local sights , go dog sledding, and, of course, meet your favorite holiday with comfort in one of the many restaurants and clubs of Petrozavodsk.

Accommodation is possible in suburban cottages - this option is most attractive for families with children, recreation centers and comfortable hotels in the capital of Karelia.

Kirov Square in Petrozavodsk on New Year's Eve becomes the center of entertainment. It hosts traditional folk festivals, entertainment programs, magnificent fireworks.

The cost of housing in the New Year holidays can vary:

  • 1000 rubles (guest house);
  • 3-7 thousand rubles - a double room in a three-star hotel;
  • 15-30 thousand rubles - a country cottage.

Lunch on a weekday in a restaurant in the city center will cost 1000 rubles, a New Year banquet, including a show, from 5 thousand rubles.


On New Year's holidays, all the central streets and squares are transformed, preparations are in full swing for the New Year's Eve. Elegant beautiful Christmas trees are set right next to cypresses and palm trees, which creates an indescribable exotic atmosphere in Sochi.

Most of the locals and guests of the city on New Year's Eve rush to the South Mole Square, where the main holiday festivities unfold, which last until two o'clock in the morning. After the traditional grand fireworks, tourists disperse to cafes and restaurants, where a festive banquet and a rich entertainment program await them.

In the New Year holidays you can go to Krasnaya Polyana, the Olympic Park, ride the rides in the Riviera Park, visit the Adler Dolphinarium, arboretum, Disneyland "Sochi-Park". Ice shows, concerts, musical performances are held throughout Sochi throughout the holiday week, so you won't be bored.

The cost of living in guest houses is an average of 1200 rubles, in a double room of a four-star hotel - from 4.5 thousand rubles.

Food in Sochi is relatively inexpensive.Dine in a restaurant on a weekday can be within 1000 rubles, but in the prestigious resorts, such as Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana, price tags are two to three times higher. New Year's banquet in the Sochi restaurant will cost you 5-12 thousand rubles, depending on the status of the institution.


Altai Republic

Holidays in Altai have always enjoyed great popularity. The local nature and climate are often compared with the Swiss Alps, and the peaceful atmosphere with Tibet. Altai gains enormous attractiveness in the eyes of tourists who prefer an active holiday, because there are magnificent ski resorts here, in particular, on Mount Tugai, where you can ride not only skiing, but also cheesecakes and snowmobiles, having received a lot of impressions from this and enjoy breathtakingly beautiful landscapes .

There are a lot of tourist bases and eco-friendly hotels in Altai, so the New Year’s holiday will be unforgettable. Travel companies offer special package deals, among which the nine-day New Year's Altai-Sheregesh tour is very popular, including staying in comfortable hotel rooms, visiting a ski resort, excursions to the Tylan-Tuu mountain, a panoramic view of the Biya River, and of course New Year Banquet.The cost of the tour is from 38 to 65 thousand rubles, depending on the number occupied.

Families with children prefer to stay in cottages located in the suburbs of the capital of the Altai Republic - Gorno-Altaisk. The cost of rental housing is quite affordable. So, a modest family pension in Chemal will cost you from 2500 to 7000 thousand rubles, depending on the number of guests; comfortable house with all the amenities in a picturesque location on the banks of the Biya - 12,000 rubles.

As for New Year's entertainment, restaurants, clubs, Gorno-Altaisk is more than enough, and the New Year's Eve banquet will cost you on average about 5 thousand rubles.

Altai Republic

In winter, the peninsula is as lively as in summer. Not surprisingly, thousands of tourists flock to the Crimea to meet New Year's fun and unforgettable. All hotels, motels, restaurants and clubs are preparing for tourists and locals a rich festive program, bright shows with performances of artists, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, a traditional Christmas tree and fireworks.

The main festive events unfold in Yalta, where a beautiful Christmas tree dresses up.Here holidaymakers waiting for a grand firework, disco, dancing fountains and champagne pouring river. Those who like the extreme, the organizers offer to celebrate the New Year in caves, under water or even in a balloon!

The sights of the Crimea can be enumerated endlessly: the Swallow's Nest, the Botanical Garden, the Bakhchisarai and Vorontsov Palaces, the Genoese Fortress, Ai-Petri Mountain and much, much more.

The cost of housing in the Crimea varies from 1.5 thousand to 30, depending on the settlement, infrastructure, footage, services provided. So, in the private sector of a small village, you can rent a house for 2 thousand, and a comfortable cottage with a local area - from 12 thousand.

With regard to food, the prices of products in the Crimea are quite high - at the level of Moscow. Dinner in a restaurant on New Year's Eve will cost an average of 3 to 10 thousand rubles.


Great Ustyug

The New Year's atmosphere of Great Ustyug is imbued with the atmosphere of fairy tales and magic, because this small town of Vologda region is given to the authority of Santa Claus, who has his own residence here. This place becomes the center of pilgrimage for thousands of tourists from all over Russia on the New Year.

Veliky Ustyug is famous for its sights, architectural monuments, museums, Orthodox churches, which are of great interest to the guests of the city.

It offers comfortable hotels, hotels, restaurants and clubs. All of them are preparing for the guests of the city rich New Year programs, banquets, exciting shows.

You can rent an inexpensive room from 800 to 1,500 rubles, for example, in the Druzhba hotel complex and the Prokopievskaya hotel. The most convenient way is to stay in the Father Frost's homeland, where standard rooms, stylized as Russian wooden lights, cost from 2500 rubles, but, in addition to accommodation, guests are offered a whole range of recreational activities, excursions and attractions.

Great Ustyug


Fascinating walks on the sky-blue ice of the lake, dog-sledding, fishing on the omul - this and much more awaits you if you decide to celebrate the New 2018 on Baikal, among the harsh and beautiful nature, the majesty of which shakes the imagination.

The most popular places to celebrate the New Year with tourists are places such as the Baikal Route, Listvyanka, the Small Sea, the mystical island of Olkhon. Hotels here are quite comfortable and problems with accommodation with tourists never arise.

What to see on Baikal during the New Year holidays: a monument to Kolchak, an ice camp for children, a nerpinary, a diving center, the Taltsy architectural and ethnographic museum - this is where the grandiose New Year's festivities unfold. Fans of alpine skiing can stay at the resort, located on the mountain Sobolina in Baikalsk. Extreme sports are also available - snowmobiling, jepping, snowboarding, ice skating rinks.

Prices for accommodation in hotels are quite affordable - from 2500 per person. Guest house can be rented for 1200 rubles for two. New Year's banquet in the restaurants of the city will cost you on average from 3 to 10 thousand rubles.


In conclusion, I would like to note that on the eve of the New Year, housing and food prices may rise significantly, so you need to book your accommodation in advance - no later than October.

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