Which bathroom ceiling to choose

January 28, 2018

I decorated the ceiling in any type of room is the most important point of decoration: the overall impression of the repair depends on its beauty and reliability. The bathroom is a very specific place due to large fluctuations in humidity and air temperature, therefore, when choosing a type of ceiling covering for it, it is important to consider these factors. Which bathroom ceiling to choose

As a rule, when making the ceiling in the bathroom, most often choose one of the following finishes:

1. Painting screed
. This type of decoration is distinguished by its low cost, and the design is more suitable for inexpensive types of tile, or in the case that washing walls or painting are used on the walls. The coating does not have a high durability, as in conditions of high humidity and temperature changes with time begins to flake off. Also, quite often the surface of such a ceiling eventually becomes covered with mold, especially along the line of contact with the wall, and in the corners.In order to increase the service life, when painting, they try to apply moisture-resistant types of water-based paint. In the process of preparing the base, antifungal primers may be used to optimize the situation.

2. Stretch ceiling.
Very beautiful design of the ceiling, suitable for a good tile. Synthetic material of such a ceiling is not afraid of constant exposure to moisture, and is not covered with fungus. The disadvantages include the high price and the fact that, on the basis of the stretch ceiling, there are clearly visible places of dried water droplets. There are also questions about the environmental performance of such ceilings.

3. Plastic panels.
The most popular type of finishing of ceilings in bathrooms, perfectly suitable for any type of wall decoration found in apartments. Plastic panels perfectly tolerate high humidity, are not susceptible to rotting and the formation of mold. After drying of the water droplets, no trace remains on the surface.
 Which bathroom ceiling to choose
4. Ceiling foam panels. Sufficiently resistant to moisture type of finish. Differs in big cheapness and speed of installation. For bathrooms, laminated products are usually chosen.in tone of tile or wallpaper, as when painting with water-based paint, with time, the material can become detached due to humidity.

Sometimes you can find use in bathrooms and other types of finishes. For example, occasionally using laminated MDF paneling. However, this material is not very practical to operate in conditions of constant high humidity.

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