Which cars are the most reliable?

A modern car is a complex mechanism, inthe basis of which lies a whole series of units, assemblies and systems containing thousands of parts. The car is the main type of land transport operating in a variety of road and climate conditions.

Due to the huge differences in operating conditions andcomplexity of the mechanism design, to obtain an assessment of the reliability of the car, it became necessary to characterize a number of certain properties. It is easy to guess that the main characteristics are related to the movement. They are determined by the output characteristics of the systems, the parameters of the main units and aggregates. A certain level of parameters is provided during the design and construction, during operation it depends on the condition of the car. The least amount of breakdowns have always been distinguished cars produced in Japan and Korea, slightly behind them European, and then - American. The quality of Japanese and Korean cars is higher. This means that they are less likely to wear out than others.

Frequency of breakdowns

  • The most reliable car in the world Scion -developed for the youth brand of the company "Toyota". With a small margin followed by the brand "Lexus" - a year with only 9 breakdowns, for three years - 23, within five - 32, followed by "Toyota", "Honda", "Subaru", "Mazda", "Acura "who have 10-15 breakdowns in the first three years more than the leaders, respectively, in five years they are already 15-20 more.
  • The middle group includes cars: "Buick", "Nissan", "Lincoln", "Pontiac", "BMW", "Chevrolet" "Ford", "Chrysler" - break during the first year and a half times more often than the most reliable car brands. Within three years - two and a half times, within five years - three times.
  • Most often, the breakdown happens in the "Volvo", "Audi", "Mercedes", "Volkswagen."

There is a pattern of "Mercedes" most oftenbreak down in the first years of operation, then the number of breakdowns is noticeably reduced. They are very popular in Russia. "BMW" break less often than "Mercedes", during the time of operation, their reliability only grows. That's why many motorists give preference to them. Over the years, "Pontiacs", and "Volkswagens lose their reliability, increasingly require repairs, despite the fact that in the early years they are almost inferior to Japanese cars.

If you will operate the carlong term of 8-10 years, it is better to choose a Japanese or Korean car, the number of breakdowns of which for such a long time is about one and a half to two times greater than that of the closest European competitors. With enough money, you can choose any car that you think is convenient for you, the main thing is that it is produced in Japan or Korea.

Rating of cars

Here are the 10 most reliable cars in the world, according to motorists:

  • "Scion"
  • "Toyota"
  • Lexus
  • Mazda
  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • "Acura"
  • Audi
  • Infiniti
  • Kia

Which car to choose

The most important moment is the moment of choice. We have to choose the most reliable car. On the basis of statistical processing, the most reliable car for Russia was determined. Average reliability of cars was calculated:

  • According to statistics, it was determined which car is the most reliable. For Russia this is Honda. The cheapest car can be purchased for 650 thousand rubles.
  • In second place is the "Akura", in many respects similar to the "Honda".
  • The third place is occupied by Skion.
  • The fourth place in the rating, designed to determine the most reliable car in Russia, divided the "Subaru" and "Toyota", cars, the price of which starts at 700 million rubles.
  • The fifth place is occupied by "Lexus".
  • The sixth occupies Infiniti, but a person with an average income does not fit this car.
  • The seventh place belongs to "Mitsubishi" - not the worst car.
  • The last places in the rating belong to Porsche and Ford.

Now you know which machines are the most reliable. This information will help you choose the most optimal car for you.

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