White ceiling in the kitchen

The most popular and most common method of finishing the kitchen ceiling is his whitewashing. Regardless of the fact that new technologies are developed in the field of repair of premises, this method leads among others. Most recently, whitewashing kitchen ceilings in our country had no alternative. The popularity of this method does not indicate that it is optimal. On the contrary, today there are a lot of better and more durable ways to finish the kitchen ceiling.

The service life whitewash ceiling is 5-7 years. Sometimes it happens even longer, provided that during this period there are no force majeure situations in the form of flooding from above.

In the case of whitewash for ceiling decoration, you must first prepare the surface, as it does not mask the existing defects. Therefore, with the help of putty, one should cover cracks and other defects, as well as level the protrusions and depressions.

When the surface preparation is finished, proceed to the preparation of lime mortar. It is recommended to add a small amount of soap,has antibacterial properties, which will prevent further reproduction of harmful bacteria and insects. Also in the whitewash you need to add salt to increase its resistance.

Before whitewashing the kitchen ceiling, it should be well cleaned of dust, using a terry brush to moisten with water.

After that begin whitewashing. Brush immersed in the solution and put the first layer. After it dries, the next layer is applied.

On the surface of the ceiling there are defects that become visible after the completion of whitewashing. There are those that will manifest in the process. And those that will become visible only after the first layer of whitewash. Having noticed traces from a brush during whitewashing, you need to add a small amount of water to its solution. Traces are indicative of a thick solution.

If in the process of operation, grains appear on the surface of the ceiling, then the solution is badly filtered. It is necessary again to strain the solution through gauze several times, and clean the surface of the applied whitewash. Also, grains may appear if the ceiling surface is poorly cleaned.

Now you can buy in the hardware stores ready whitewash, sold in metal cans or in plastic canisters.

This whitewash has the form of a thick plastic mass, which includes: binding synthetic agent, various pigments, as well as moisture-proof components.

Whitewashing, which was bought in the store, should be mixed with water in a 1: 1 ratio. It is applied to the ceiling with a brush, brush or spray gun. Each layer must necessarily dry. On 1 square. The consumption of this whitewash is 110 g. The advantage of the finished whitewash is its high strength.

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