"Who wants to be a millionaire": the host of the program and his biography

Do you know who leads "Who wants to be a millionaire"? Are you interested in the biography and personal life of this impressive and educated man? The article contains necessary information about his person.Who wants to become a millionaire presenter

general information

Since February 2001 on the First Channel there is an intellectual show "Who wants to be a millionaire?" The presenter of the program is Dmitry Dibrov. He and to this day, once a week, appears in the frame.

Not everyone remembers that this programwas broadcast on NTV in the period from October 1999 to January 2001. She had another name - "Oh, lucky!". Initially, the transfer was led by Dmitri Dibrov. But in 2001 the producers changed everything radically. Maxim Galkin was appointed the new presenter. His biography and personal life are known to many in our country.

As for Dmitry Dibrova, he began to leadtransfer in December 2008. The audience was very sympathetic towards him. Rostov govorok and light squint became the main "chips" of the TV presenter. Now let's look at his biography.

Childhood and youthful time

Dibrov Dmitry Alexandrovich was born in 1959(November 14) in Rostov-on-Don. He is from a respected and intelligent family. The father of our hero, Alexander Afanasievich, was dean at a local university. Mother was engaged in the education of two sons - the elder (Vladimir) and the younger (Dmitry). The family was not poor. Parents often bought quality clothes and scarce food.

When Dima was 4 years old, the father and mother divorced. This happened by mutual consent, without scandals and claims. Soon his mother, Tatyana Valentinovna, married the second time. Dmitry had a stepfather.

Student years

At the end of high school our hero submitteddocuments to the university where his father worked. His choice fell on the philological faculty. Dmitry enrolled in the university. And it was his personal merit. Father has nothing to do with it. In 1981, Dibrov was awarded a long-awaited diploma. From now on, all roads were open before him.

The Conquest of Moscow

Dima understood perfectly well that he would not be able to becomea successful and popular person in Rostov-on-Don. So he went to Moscow, a city of possibilities. Talented and confident guy managed to work in several publications. Among them, one can distinguish the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets and the TASS agency.Who leads who wants to be a millionaire

Television career

In 1987, Dibrov decided to try himself in a newsphere. It's about television. At first he was engaged in the preparation of musical scenes for the transmission of "Vzglyad". And in 1988, Dmitry first appeared in the frame. He was appointed the host of the TV project "Installation". In 1993, the program was closed. But Dibrov was not going to leave with TV.

Between August 1997 and the end of 1998 on the channel "Teleexpo" his "Anthropology" program was published. Then it began to be broadcast on NTV. Since 1999, Dmitry has led the program "Oh, lucky!". The ratings were simply incredible.

In April 2001, Dibrov was made temptingproposal - to head the Directorate of night broadcasting on ORT. He could not miss such a chance. In 2004, Dmitry Alexandrovich left the post. From 2005 to 2006 he worked on the channel "Russia".

In 2008, Maxim Galkin left the show "Who wants toto become a millionaire? ". The presenter, who replaced him, was at once. They became Dmitry Dibrov. The best candidate was simply not found. After all, our hero had all the necessary qualities (wit, high intelligence, presentable appearance), as well as extensive experience working on TV.

Today, thousands of Russians consider one of their favorite programs "Who wants to be a millionaire"? ". The leader causes them only positive emotions.

Personal life

For the first time Dmitry married in 1983. His chosen one was Elvira. Young spouses believed that their union would be strong. In 1985 the family was replenished. The son Denis appeared. However, a year later the family disintegrated.

The second wife of our hero was Olga. In 1989, she gave him a charming daughter, who was named Lada. This marriage lasted 7 years.

Soon, the presenter of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?""Met a new love. His heart was conquered by the Rostov model of Alexander Shevchenko. In March 2008, they signed a registry office. In the following months, the spouses often swore, found out the relationship and were jealous of each other to third parties. In January 2009, Dmitry and Alexandra officially divorced.

New family

True happiness TV presenter has found with a youngbeautiful Polina Award. At the time of their acquaintance, the girl turned 17 years old. Leading "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Long and persistently took care of her. In the end, he managed to win Pauline's heart.The leader who wants to become a millionaire

In March 2009, lovers played a wedding. And 11 months later they had a first-born son, Sasha. The couple dreamed of a big family. And it seems that they were heard in the heavenly chancery. In December 2013, the second son of Polina and Dmitry appeared. The boy was named Fedor. And in May 2015, the Dibrovs became their parents for the third time. Relatives and friends congratulated them with another son, Ilya. Now the TV presenter and his wife dream of the birth of a daughter.The leader of the program who wants to become a millionaire

Sons - future Cossacks

Dmitry brings up his children in severity andorder. Sasha, Fedya and Ilya have already passed the initiation rite to the Cossacks. The host of the program "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Is proud of its origin. He dreams that his sons will replenish the Cossack army in the future, will become real men. The young spouse fully shares Dmitry's opinion.


We hope that the information provided in the articlecompletely satisfied the curiosity of fans of the show "Who wants to be a millionaire." The host of the program is a true professional, an exemplary family man and a well-rounded personality.

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