Why dizzy when pregnant?

Very often sick in the morning, there is weakness,constantly tends to sleep and dizzy during pregnancy. This is a typical picture. In the modern world, there are enough ways to detect pregnancy. These are special tests that are sold in pharmacies, ultrasound machines, and the necessary tests. Optionally, the cause of poor health can be "an interesting situation." Low blood pressure, brain disease and many other diseases are also accompanied by such symptoms. Therefore it is very important to exclude or confirm the pregnancy and in time to see a doctor.

Find out why the head is spinning whenpregnancy, you can have a gynecologist. In such a position, an easy malaise that does not cause anxiety is the norm. But if this was added to the swelling of the legs, then, most likely, the kidneys can not cope with the double burden on the body.

My head is spinning during pregnancy.

Causes of dizziness in pregnancy

To find out the reasons for your badfeel, pay attention to the sensation of the whole organism. If there are problems with the kidneys, then there are swelling on the legs, hands or even face, back pain, dizziness during pregnancy. In this case, it is very important to see a doctor. He will give a referral to the tests necessary to identify kidney diseases, prescribe appropriate treatment or even send for treatment in a hospital.

Low blood pressure

To identify the cause of dizziness, a woman,expecting a baby, should measure blood pressure twice a day with a tonometer. If the indicators are below the norm, the district doctor / gynecologist appoints stimulating herbal preparations that are most safe for the fetus. It is very important not to let this problem on, as at a low pressure the baby may lack oxygen, also possibly a pre-stupor condition.

Why the head is spinning during pregnancy.


Is detected by an analysis of blood, the cause may bepoor nutrition. During pregnancy a woman should eat well. This does not mean that you have to eat several servings in one session, the baby is already pressing on the stomach, nausea and heaviness may appear. Small portions of 4 or 5 times a day will be enough. Many expectant mothers are afraid to spoil their figure, so adhere to a strict diet, as before their situation. And then they are surprised: "Why does my head get very dizzy when I'm pregnant?" It's better to study the figure after childbirth, and in this situation one should think first of all about the baby.

Very dizzy during pregnancy.

High blood pressure

Detected by a tonometer with a regular measurementpressure twice a day. The cause may be: stress, heredity, diabetes, the weight of the future mother, kidney problems, thyroid problems, bad habits, heart problems and weak physical activity. Increased pressure threatens the development of gestosis. This is a breakdown in the functioning of vital organs. For a baby it is dangerous that nutrients to it do not work well, because the body consumes them. Therefore, it develops poorly, and there may also be problems with the brain.

Brain Injury

Perhaps before the pregnancy there were concussionsa brain or a problem with vessels, and now it makes itself felt. Usually this was manifested by fast fatigue, motion sickness in transport and headaches when weather changed. Now the pain has intensified, and the head is very dizzy during pregnancy. The MRI examination can be carried out only in the second or third semester. The treatment is chosen by the attending physician, usually, pain relievers are replaced by soothing herbal remedies, such as motherwort.

Vegetosovascular dystonia

This disease is associated with a violation of the nervousa system in which disorders of the whole organism are seen. The head is spinning during pregnancy, often because of this diagnosis. With it, too, frequent pre-occlusive conditions, nausea, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, arrhythmia, lack of air, irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches, palpitations, anxiety, weather dependence. The causes may be stress, mental stress, endocrine system problems, climate change, hormonal changes during pregnancy, allergies and brain damage. The condition threatens placental insufficiency and anemia. As a prevention, frequent walks in the fresh air, hardening, correct regime of the day and soothing music are recommended. Medicines are prescribed by a doctor. Usually it is a vitamin complex, sedatives, drugs that improve blood circulation, and soothing.

Preventing dizziness in pregnant women

My head is spinning during pregnancy.

A common reason why the head is spinning whenpregnancy, is the lack of walking in the fresh air. It is very important to be on the street about 2-3 hours a day. This should not be a hike in the store or at work, you can just stroll along the street or sit in the courtyard of the house. Also, you can take your husband by the arm and walk around the park, it will not only enrich the body with oxygen, but it will allow you and your baby to talk with your dad about something pleasant.

Also do not forget to eat in time. Sometimes mothers worry about their future child so much that they forget to eat, and this can lead to fainting. It even happens that the mother thinks: if the head is spinning during pregnancy, then this is normal, but in fact the body simply does not have enough nutrition. Start an alarm clock for such an event or ask relatives to remind you of such an important procedure.

Be less nervous. In addition, if you are nervous, then your baby is also going through. And do not say that your family is to blame! You yourself took everything to heart. Well, the husband went to take a walk with friends, let him walk. When the baby is born, you will leave him with him to babysit, and you yourself go for a walk. He came drunk, gloat: someone will have a strong headache in the morning. Less will make hysterics - there will be less abuse in the family. Hence, your state with the baby will be much better.

My head is spinning during pregnancy.

Tell the gynecologist how you feel

Your gynecologist during the entire pregnancy -your fairy godmother. Always listen, will prompt and help you with the future child. Well, let there be evil "fairies", but they are the only ones who can, in case of something, help you in time. They always find out if something hurts, whether the head is spinning during pregnancy, etc. Do not forget to tell everything, sometimes a small detail that you did not pay attention to may become a sign of a big problem.

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