Why do men ignore?

Problems and misunderstandings between male and femalesex existed always and will continue to exist. The fact is that we are not only different in sex, we all differ, like people who grew up in different conditions and have different points of view on many issues and relationships. That there was no misunderstanding between a man and a woman, you need to talk. If there is no chance to talk, then you need to analyze the situation on both sides and draw conclusions. In this article we will look at why men ignore women.

Analyzing the situation

Perhaps the reason is that you want different things. A person may not be able to tell you harshly and clearly what he needs, and his hints you do not understand, so he decides to just ignore you. Most often in these situations the woman behaves incorrectly and continues to impose herself to find out what happened. Of course, it is worth trying to understand what happened.

But if you do not get out, then just leave it.deal and turn your attention to other things. Those who are interested in relationships, even friends, will always try to meet and solve the problem, find a compromise that will suit both of you.

Imagine a situation without emotions. What happened between you before and after, try to understand the person and what he needs, and also understand what you need. Try to draw conclusions. If the solution was found, try it, maybe your man is offended.

Why can a man still ignore a woman? This can also happen because you just invented some special attitude of a person or fanciedly fell in love with him for lack of emotions in life. With a female fantasy this is common. Not for nothing since childhood we read fairy tales and we believe in princes until our last breath. They certainly exist, but it's unlikely your prince is the person who ignores you. Look around, maybe your prince is there, just you do not notice him. If it's not there, keep looking, and luck will surely smile at you!

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