Windows for a wooden house

Windows for a wooden houseThey are not only an element of architecture and design, but also a necessary functional device. They give the facade of the house originality and protect the premises of the house from the weather and noise.

Today, the appearance on the market of new window designs from various materials - PVC, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and their combinations, allows you to create projects of wooden houses from rounded logs and beams of the most diverse architecture and style.

Modern technologies make it possible to produce windows of various configurations and shapes, sizes and functionality.

The choice of construction of windows for a wooden house is based on the conditions of their operation, the achievement of the required thermal parameters in the room and interior space. The design of windows should provide sufficient lighting as well as easy opening for periodic ventilation of the living space.

Finished projects of wooden houses from rounded logs and beams allow to evaluate the aesthetics of exclusive windows made of wood and PVC with frames of various colors.Today, various design elements are used to finish the window for a wooden house: veneer lining of precious woods, gilding and carving, as well as coating and impregnating a wide range of colors.

shema-265x319Window installationfor a wooden houseshould be trusted only to professionals who have extensive experience in installing windows of a certain type and design. Their durable operation without loss of functionality and aesthetics depends on the correct and competent installation of windows.

Installationwooden windowsIt is made after finishing works at a stage of finishing of internal slopes. Up to this point, casing boxes are installed in the window openings.

Most often, developers, ordering projects of wooden houses from rounded logs and lumber from professional architects, opt for installing windows in the house from natural materials. Since this condition is satisfied housing high comfort. Natural wood has good performance properties and fits well into the interior of a log house. The beauty of the pattern of natural wood, its vibrant color can not be replaced by any synthetic materials.

amountwindows in a wooden house, their size and design are determined by the architect in the development of the project of a wooden house from a rounded log and a bar. Features of the design and construction of such houses require knowledge and experience in the field of wooden housing. Since the rounded logs are manufactured in the factory, taking into account window openings, the location and dimensions of which are specified in the construction documentation.Wooden windows- It is a symbol of prestige, comfort and safety.Modern windowsmanufactured according to the parameters laid down in the design of the building of high-quality and durable materials. The design of wooden windows can be different: with deaf and opening doors, with a swivel and folding mechanism, opening on both sides, etc.

Material forwindow makingserves spruce, pine, larch, oak, ash and exotic species of wood - meranti, eucalyptus, teak, etc.Wooden windowsThey are made of both solid wood and laminated veneer lumber, which is more durable and not subject to torsion and shrinkage. During operationwooden windowsthey do not experience severe deformation and warping due to the special properties of the wood itself, which is characterized by the same processes of swelling and shrinkage that occur with the wood of the walls of a wooden house from a rounded log and bar.Wooden windowscover with protective and decorative compositions - impregnations, varnishes, transparent or colored paints. The modern solution for glazing windows is the installation of glass, which allows to obtain energy-saving windows with a high degree of sound insulation. Qualitativewooden windowsDo not freeze, resistant to condensation, warm, easy to open and close.

Durability and reliabilitywooden windowsalso depends on the quality of fittings and its proper installation. Today, Roto (Germany) or Maco (Austria) fittings are most often used for picking windows from natural wood. It is created in accordance with the latest trends in window design, comfortable, functional and reliable. Fittings Roto NT allows you to maintain a microclimate in the room with a slot-hole ventilator.

Furniture manufacturers also provide protection against hacking by blocking the opening system and make handles of a special design that prevent children from opening the valves.This ensures maximum security windows in children's rooms.

To sealwooden windowsSilicone seal and thermoplastic polymers are used. They can be reused at temperatures from minus 45 ° C to + 80 ° C. High-quality and durable seals do not absorb odors, well seal window openings and double-glazed windows.

Bright wooden houses made of logs and lumber will look even more picturesque if you install windows with stained glass. Artistic painting on glass does not affect the energy-saving properties of a wooden window, but will become a real masterpiece decorating the interior of your home.

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