Wing Anemometer: applications

Anemometer - a device that is used to measure air velocity at meteorological stations, in industrial premises with a complex air conditioning system. The functionality of digital and electronic devices, depending on the model, allows you to measure the average air flow rate over a certain period, the volume of air flow, temperature, pressure and humidity.

The principle of operation of the wing anemometer is to capture wind speed with rotating parts. Also, the device is used to determine the direction of the wind. A special impeller is used as a receiver of the air flow. The obtained parameters are displayed on a digital screen.

Where and how are wing anemometers used?

Vane or blade anemometers allow you to measure the speed of the directed air flow inside the ventilation ducts and pipelines. The receiving element of the device is a wind wheel or impeller, which is protected from damage by a special metal ring.The principle of operation of the wing anemometer involves the transfer of the force of movement of the axis to the gear wheels, which in turn actuate the counting mechanism.

To measure the speed of the air flow with the help of a wing anemometer, the device is lifted in an outstretched arm or fixed on a special pole, and then oriented relative to the wind flow. The time interval during which the monitoring is conducted ranges from 2 to 10 minutes. The speed of the air flow is determined according to the verification certificate that is attached to the device.

What to look for when choosing a device?

When choosing a device, consider the following factors:

  • range of proposed measurements and tasks that are planned to be solved on the basis of the data obtained;
  • the errors obtained in the process of measuring the speed of movement of air (gas) flows;
  • the level of protection of the measuring device from the effects of various factors;
  • overall parameters;
  • the presence of additional functions: measurement of volumetric air flow, temperature and direction of air flow, relative and absolute humidity, degree of harmful impurities, etc.

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